First Bishop of Memphis outed on Virginia Pedophile priest list
First Bishop of Knoxville admitted being a pedophile March 2002
Diocese of Nashville split into Memphis (1971) and Knoxville (1988)
Dozier revered in Memphis as is O'Connell in Knoxville 
For Immediate Release - February 19, 2019
Tale of Two Cities. . . Tennessee's saga of deception
Public outcry is great at only now finding that the first bishop of Memphis has been placed on the list of pedphile priests just released by the Diocese of Richmond, VA. (Below is a snippet from the website of the Diocese of Richmond.  Dozier became the first and founding bishop of the Diocese of Memphis, Tennessee.)
The Diocese of Nashville gave birth to two dioceses, and both were led by pedophile bishops.  In fact both founding bishops of the Dioceses of Knoxville and Memphis were pedophiles, Anthony J. O'Connell in Knoxville and Carroll T. Dozier iin Memphis. 
"There must be an investigation of the Catholic Church in Tennessee," says David Brown,of SNAP of Tennessee (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests).  "The victims of Catholic priests across the state as well as the citizens demand this.  None of these dioceses are competent to investigate themselves.  It's like the fox guarding the hen house."
Archbisop Joseph E. Kurtz of the Metropolitan See of Louisville, KY oversees the diocese of Memphis until a new bishop is appointed.  Kurtz also oversees all the Catholic diocese of Tennessee and Kentucky, six in all.  Kurtz immediately followed pedophile bishop Anthony O'Connell as the 2nd bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville.  
:"When Kurtz was bishop, Knoxville fell into the false narrative that O'Connell was a good man, just misunderstood," says Susan Vance of SNAP of Tennessee.  "Some of the mothers went to Kurtz and his then-Chancellor Vann Johnston to request that the lies be stopped.  Kurtz and Johnston did nothing and the false narrative about O'Connell still stands all over the diocese."
Here are the difficult questions that must be asked:
1.  Who are the boys that O'Connell and Dozier molested while in their positions as bishop?  Pedophiles do not stop molesting children unless imprisoned so who are these victims and why does no one ask about them?
2.  Who had the secret canonical files on both O'Connell and Dozier?  How did they ever get promoted to bishop?  We have reason to believe that both O'Connell and Dozier were known the the hierarchy as abusers before they became bishops.  Who allowed this to happen?
3.  Who will bear ultimate responsibility when the victims of O'Connell and Dozier from when they were bishop come forward?  
4.  Was there a cover-up and how extensive is it?
"We demand that Archbishop Joseph Kurtz immediately release the names of pedophile priests now hidden in the Canonical Secret files of Memphis, " says Brown.  "Memphis is holding back and this has to stop. They admitted they had more names.  It's over.  Release the names."  
Brown is a victim of a priest of the Diocese of Nashville when he was in high school.
"I believe that the truth has not come out yet about the continued molesting of boys that these two pedophile bishops did when they were bishops"  says Vance.  "The church may rue the day that they decided to begin this mammoth cover-up of crimes so that they could avoid scandal and keep from alienating their donors.  The day of truth has arrived on that."  

SNAP urges anyone who suffered, saw or suspected clergy sexual abuse in Tennessee to make an immediate report to local law enforcement, as well as sending the information to the Tennessee Attorney General and prodding him to begin a state-wide investigation. Victims, witnesses and whistle blowers can reach out to SNAP, or groups like ours, for support as they come forward.

Susan Vance, SNAP Tennessee Leader (, 865-748-3518).
David Brown, SNAP of Tennessee Leader (901-569-4500 david@davidbrownpi. com)

(SNAP, the Survivors Network, has been providing support for victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings for 30 years. We have more than 25,000 survivors and supporters in our network. Our website is
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