The plan that has been developed for so long is taking shape…
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The plan that has been developed for so long is taking shape...
Calais Port 2015 project saw the beginning of a new phase during the first quarter of 2019. During this phase, dozens of sketches and drawings, hundreds of plans and thousands of ideas slowly materialized, shaping the polder sand as part of land-levelling operations, covering the space by laying an impressive rain water treatment network, rising in three dimensions with backfill for access ramps and elevated lanes.

During the first three years of the construction site we were used to the continuous progress of offshore protection works and to the slow emergence of access structures and bridges but a certain calm seemed to prevail over the 45 hectares reclaimed from the sea.

The major maritime structure having reached its final length, it is therefore on the land side that Calais Port 2015 is beginning to take shape. In a few months' time, it is no longer only by observing a ground plan but also by going through the site that we will understand how the future port of Calais will work.
Wishing you have one day the opportunity to visit the project worksite, I recommend you continue to discover it by reading this spring 2019 newsletter.

Laurent Devulder
Chief Executive Officer
Société des Ports du Détroit
a video of the construction site
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The central ridge
Several bridges are being built that will design the ridge: an important traffic corridor for fast and fluid traffic flows...
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The ring road lightling
The LED technology was chosen to ensure durability, reasonable consumption and perfect lighting of the ring road.
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A little technique
The Kaleeïs barge is ready for the construction in the basin of a more than 300 meters long wharf for ferry berths 11 and 12.
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What’s at stake

More than 300,000 tons of asphalt mixes for Calais Port 2015 roadways!
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In the next issue:
The ring road storm water basin
The storm water treatment unit
The cut and covered trench
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