"By early this fall, the breakwater length will be 3,230 meters!"
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By early this fall, the breakwater length
will be 3,230 meters
Only experienced (and optimistic) marine construction professionals could imagine that 26 months later, when the first riprap blocks were laid mid-2016, the length breakwater would exceed 3 km...

As the project emblematic engineering work, the main breakwater construction is being completing its arch to the West, its bullnose will be built within a few weeks’ time, the ships will leave it on the port side entering into the new basin in 2021.
A special technical item in a next issue will be dedicated to this subject as although the maritime works to protect the basin will soon be completed, much remains to be done to give the breakwater its final elevation at more than 13 meters above low sea level.
Reaching this threshold of 3 kilometers was such an important symbolic step for all the teams both those initiating or working to build Calais Port 2015, that I wanted to share this event with you.

Enjoy the reading and logging on to our website, take your time to admire the superb aerial pictures enriching its content.

Laurent Devulder
Chief Executive Officer
Société des Ports du Détroit
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