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Will Blockchain replace your ERP software?
On a frequent basis, I see more and more “experts” tout the virtues of Blockchain technology.  Blockchain is currently used to support a variety of transactions including banking, contracts, and supply-chain, with some even suggesting that it will eventually be used ensure the integrity of our voting process!

But will Blockchain be the next evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?  Of course!  We will be able to share data securely and have a single system of record that is transparent, able to be authenticated, and auditable.  For example, food companies will be able to have a common set of records with their suppliers which will be trusted and reliable.
Just as the on-premise legacy culture is adapting and accepting Cloud ERP, innovation in building Blockchain business processes will be the next step in our ERP evolution.  The future solutions will be exciting, confusing, and initally complex to integrate.  
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Recent Stories of Note
While blockchain can greatly streamline many existing processes surrounding supply chain, identity, cross-border payments, and fraud detection, businesses have struggled to implement blockchain networks within their existing ecosystems.  One company, Circulor, uses blockchain to track conflict minerals from their origin at the mines to processing and use in electronic components to ensure ethical sourcing of raw materials.
Seafood company Bumble Bee Foods has started using blockchain technology to track the journey of yellowfin tuna, from Indonesian waters to store shelves.
Using technology from software firm SAP, consumers can access the origin and history of Natural Blue yellowfin tuna – which is produced by Bumble Bee Foods’ subsidiary Anova – by using smartphones to scan a QR code on the product package.
Triton Algae Innovations - a San Diego-based firm building a production platform for food proteins from algae - says it can produce heme (the red, meaty-tasting star ingredient in the Impossible Burger) without using genetic engineering, generating significant interest from plant-based meat brands seeking a Non GMO positioning.
Following the lead of many other established food & beverage players, Mars, Incorporated is launching a new accelerator to help early stage food-focused companies fast-track growth in exchange for access to the energy and ground-level market insights that is helping many new entrepreneurs succeed in the space. Read more . Food Navigator
RJMC Guides DRINKS to ERP Go-Live
Wine e-Commerce Company
RJMC knows wine!  www.RJMC.net
DRINKS.com is one of the leading e-commerce wine sites enjoying tremendous growth.  RJMC was engaged to manage the implementation of DRINKS.com transition from a legacy system to Oracle Netsuite.
The project was completed successfully including integration with a customized on-line system and third-party warehouses.  RJMC led the DRINKS.com Team providing just-in-time Project Management to guide to a successful ERP implementation with Oracle NetSuite.
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