"The design adequacy, a key requirement for a successful project"
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The design adequacy, a key requirement
for a successful project
In Design and Construction contract, there is... Design! As construction works are fully under way and the mid-point has been reached, one might think everything regarding Calais Port 2015 project is now only a question of methods, planning, coordination and execution of the works.
However, on many subjects, and not the least, detailed design choices are still discussed between the Project Company and its advisors, the Concessionaire and the Design and Construction Joint Venture. This is particularly true for the buildings whose early works are only expected in spring 2019, but also for the electrical and computer networks, the P11 and P12 ferry berths, linkspans for vehicles and passenger gangways or for the future port signage.
Teams for each entity have invested a lot in the development of detailed pre-projects so-called APD “Avant-Projets Détaillés”, some have sometimes been the subject of heated debates but have so far always resulted in a balance point satisfactory to all parties.
The worksite success depends on this phase which should allow the teams to carry out the works under good conditions to have equipment as desired by the port's customers.

I wish you all a good reading of the latest news of the project until the good weather comes

Laurent Devulder
Chief Executive Officer
Société des Ports du Détroit
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