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July 2017
Blog by Dr Greg Munro
Community centred local government
Following his participation in the European Commission’s Partnership Forum, Greg Munro considers community centred local government and the importance of getting the views of citizens. Read more
2017 Conference news
Countdown to the conference!
Read the latest about the CLGF Local Government Conference as preparations continue. Secretary General Greg Munro met with a number of people, including Microsoft's David Burrows. Register NOW for your place at the conference!
Commonwealth Local Government Expo 2017
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be an exhibitor in the glorious Sacre Infermeria Hall. Reserve a stand while there is still space available and promote your organisation/services to a diverse audience from around the Commonwealth. Find out more…
Conference app to launch
Watch out for the launch of the conference app in August – 100 days before the event begins! Available to delegates who have registered and paid, the app will keep you updated with the latest news on the programme, speakers AND allow you to find out who else is attending.
CLGF news
EU Partnership Forum
CLGF Secretary General Dr Greg Munro and Deputy Secretary General Ms Lucy Slack maximised the opportunities of networking with a variety of partners at the 2017 European Commission Partnership Forum at the beginning of this month. Read more…
Trinidad and Tobago: forging ahead with SDG projects
Trinidad and Tobago are making good progress with their EU funded pilot projects, supported by CLGF’s Caribbean Office and the national local government association. Find out more ...
UK: trading places
CLGF members lent their LED knowledge and experience to a meeting in London of the UK LGA and the recently elected mayors of the six, newly created combined authorities. Read more
Zimbabwe: giving citizens a true voice in development
Zimbabwean local authorities are looking to connect more effectively with residents by building a Citizens’ Participation Framework. Find out more about this exciting initiative.
Global city village
CLGF and its partners successfully highlighted the role of local government in development at the European Development Days held in June. Read more about the collaborative efforts
Localising the Sustainable Development Goals
Australia: local government capitalises on tourism
A new study confirms the important role that local government plays in tourism development. Find out more
Canada: local solutions to reduce poverty in Canada
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is putting forward local solutions to reduce poverty across the country. Read about the 12 recommendations and FCM’s submission to federal government's Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy - Ending Poverty Starts Locally,
India: 66 million trees planted in Madhya Pradesh
India increases its forests as part of its commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Read more.
New Zealand: LGNZ welcomes Campaign for the Regions
The national local government association has applauded the new Campaign for the Regions launched by New Zealand First. With a focus on helping regions to face the challenges ahead and thrive, it will look at issues around long term funding, including improved broadband and water systems. Find out more on the LGNZ website.
Pacific: CLGF praised by Resilience Forum
The role of CLGF in supporting bottom up development and increasing knowledge in relation to risk and resiience was recognised by a special forum convened in June. Find out more
Sri Lanka: beset by the challenges of nature
In the last months, Sri Lanka has faced floods, mud slides and the worst ever outbreak of the mosquito-borne dengue virus. Authorities across all 25 districts are working vigorously to mitigate the situation. Read more...
Building sustainable cities
Australia: the future of cities
The Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities has begun a new inquiry into the Australian Government’s role in the development of cities. Examining planning and sustainable urban development, focusing on how to transition existing capital cities, and how to develop new and existing regional centres. Read more
Canada: cleaning up and tackling climate change
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the Canadian Government are demonstrating their commitment to the environment by funding 48 new projects through the Green Municipal Fund. Read more…
Minecraft: helping build better public spaces
Read how this game, which is all about placing blocks and going on adventures and extremely popular with young people, is helping communities to build better public spaces – block by block.
Strengthening local democracy
Bahamas: local government elections
Forty nine councillors have been elected to serve for the next three years on Grand Bahama. Turnout was around 59% and the election saw the largest number of young people as candidates since the introduction of local government in 1996. The government said it would extend local elections to New Providence Island within the next three years.
New Zealand: local government sets priorities prior to election
Local Government New Zealand has announced its updated policy priorities to inform the 2017 election manifesto. Infrastructure, community resilience and responding to the impact on the environment will be key areas of focus for local government in the coming three years. Read more
Zambia: civic training for councillors
The Local Government Association of Zambia (LGAZ) plans to train all civic leaders throughout the country in local government administration at the Zambia Open University from January next year. The two year diploma course aims to equip councillors with management and operational skills to improve local government services.
Conference theme
Conference theme case studies
To illustrate the conference theme - Fit for the future: resources and capacity for effective local government – we are compiling a series of case studies. Look out for a new case studies page on the conference website where we will be adding stories regularly. What’s your story? Do you have a good example to fit this theme? Let us know on
Rwanda: local government districts save billions
RALGA, Rwanda’s national local government association has successfully lobbied to reinstate an agency to help councils maximise their funding. Read more
South Africa: green bonds for Cape Town
Within hours of going on sale, Cape Town’s inaugural green bond attracted offers of R4.3bn from 29 investors in a closed bidding process. Read more about this new appetite among investors in supporting sustainable projects.
UK: ICT partnership to deliver £43m savings for Birmingham
Birmingham City Council, the UK’s second city and largest local authority, stands to benefit from £43m of savings by 2020/21 through a new ICT partnership proposal. Read more about the partnership which will deliver a mix of core services and additional projects.
Events, publications and opportunities
New resource pack for teachers on parliament and democracy

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has launched a new resource pack to help teachers in Commonwealth schools explore issues around democratic practices. Find out more about this and how to get your copy.
Quote of the month
Local government matters
Leadership at the sub-national government levels matters too - often that is where the planning powers and the funding to make a difference lies. Australia as a federal state knows that well. The various international organisations for local government work hard to bring their memberships up to speed with what is needed - the work of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum is a good example.
CLGF Patron Helen Clark, former NZ Prime Minister and UN Administrator, delivering the Crawford Oration at the Australia National University Leadership Forum.
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