"A studious summer for Calais Port 2015"
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A studious summer for Calais Port 2015
No vacation for the works this summer…
On the sea side, the main breakwater progress of 350 meters, thanks to the mass production of the 8m³ Xblocs®, is the most visible advancement. Under water, the more discrete foundation operations for the breakwater are almost complete at the time you read this newsletter.

On the land site, ground improvement operations for the new platforms have already started, allowing progress at a good pace towards the future phase of platforms arrangements.

After this beautiful summer of works progressing, we therefore approach with force and serenity the third autumn of the construction site.

Olivier Bramaud-Grattau
Chief Executive Officer
Société des Ports du Détroit
Work progress updated
A visual point on Calais Port 2015 works progress, available in each newsletter, with the BIM.
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Rocks implementation
in the sea
At the beginning of October, 1.7 million tons of blocks will have been deposited on the seabed.
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of backfilled platform
45 hectares reclaimed from the sea are being consolidated mainly through vibro flotation process.
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A little technique
An important step was taken this summer : the end of the breakwater design studies, a technical phase requiring a very high level of engineering.
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What's at stake
Thanks to the Maison du Projet et de l’Emploi close to the Car Ferry Terminal, Calais Port 2015 is accessible to as wide a public as possible.
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In the next issue:
work progress
First drawings
of buildings
Professional insertion on the works site
More information about Calais Port 2015
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Question time
["Société des Ports du Détroit"]
["Société des Ports du Détroit"]
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