Welcome to the first GENIORS newsletter! After one year, you will find here the first project's results and learn more about solutions to improve recycling of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in the closed nuclear fuel cycle.
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"For the first time, we are focusing on the 4th generation of reactors"
Coordinator of the GENIORS project, Stéphane Bourg talks about his role, the innovative features of GENIORS, and the importance of finding solutions for better recycling radioactive nuclear fuel. He also presents the different activites offered in the GENIORS project to encourage the vocation of students and young scientists. 
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A look back at the 2nd project meeting
From 17-18 April, the 24 partners in GENIORS met in Würzburg (Germany). After one year, it was a great opportunity for them to share the first results of the research carried out on improving the nuclear fuel recycling.
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Yearly key advances in the project
Discover here the first progresses achieved in the framework of the GENIORS Domain 1 - Process chemistry and modelling. They are presented by Andreas Geist, from KIT (Germany). 
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GENIORS all the way in Hawaii!
From 8-13 April, Andreas Wilden, Doctor in Chemistry at the Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany) and one of the GENIORS partners, was in Hawaii for the MARC XI Conference, enjoying this event to introduce GENIORS.
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GENIORS (GEN IV integrated oxide fuel recycling strategies) received funding from the H2020 Euratom Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement n°755171.
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