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Critical Input Needed !
The City of Tombstone is looking
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Hello Chamber Members,
Critical Input Needed:
As many of you know the City of Tombstone has put together a marketing committee to explore marketing. Our first meeting a brainstorming session as we had no stated task or direction. A week or so after the meeting we were contacted by Tim Furnas, the Chair and were told we would be called back at a later date to review then make recommendations on the city hiring a marketing firm. I have not put out any information pertaining to this topic as there was nothing concrete to rely, but that has changed.
Although I have not been called back for a marketing meeting, nor has the committee been involved in the creation of the attached document, this morning one of our members notified me that the City of Tombstone has published a Request for Proposals seeking, "Statements of Qualifications from experienced and qualified Marketing Firm/Agency (Firm) for a comprehensive and full marketing plan to reflect our unique community."
I volunteered for this committee not only as a business person but as a Chamber representative. It is important that we, the business community, be involved. If you will take time to read this attachment and either respond with your thoughts to me in writing thru an email or drop your written input/questions/comments into the Chamber office I will rely and address your feedback as best as I am able. Please include comments and potential questions for the committee or marketing firm. This will also be an agenda topic for discussion at our November 26 Chamber meeting.
Another avenue for your potential input is the attached document which states that: Questions pertaining to this RFQ should be submitted via email to Questions must be submitted no later than (5) five business days prior to RFQ closing date and time. To ensure fair consideration for all respondents, responses to the submitted questions will be provided in the form of an addendum to the RFQ. Such addenda, if issued, will be posted on the City official website;
I would also recommend that you contact your city council representative personally. Also, I have heard that since many of many the business owners are not living within the city limits that some feel like this puts your input into city affairs at a disadvantage. Now you have the opportunity to provide your input and feed into the direction of the City. How these and other topic move forward should be of top priority for you whether you have invested your time, energy and effort by being a business owner or non-profit participant.
I highly recommend that you read the document and create some sort of input. The timely, knowledgeable and constant marketing of the City of Tombstone is critical.
Date deadlines:
This Acknowledgement of Receipt should be signed and returned to the Interim City Clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. on November 15, 2019.
Only firms/individuals who elect to return this form completed with the intention of submitting a proposal will receive copies of all firms/individual written questions and the CITIES written responses to those questions, as well as RFQ amendments, if any are issues.
Questions must be submitted no later than (5) five business days prior to RFQ closing date and time. (November 25?)
All responses to the RFQ are due December 2, 2019 2:00 p.m. MST
The City of Tombstone plans to select the Marketing Firm/Agency to perform these services by December 10, 2019.
Here is the link to the RFQ:
 Thank you,
Susan Wallace, President
Tombstone Chamber of Commerce
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