Fall 2018 Newsletter
Message from the Chairman, Jim Muldoon
With Summer 2018 coming to an end, I would like to take time to reflect and give thanks to those involved in Brendan’s 34th season. Thank you to the staff, board members, volunteers, alumni, sponsors, and partners for making another season possible. Without all of you, we would not be able to make such a difference in the lives of children who need it the most.

Additionally, our heartfelt thanks to the parents, families, and campers for ensuring another great season of sailing. Without you, Brendan would not exist, so thank you for your participation and continued support of the Brendan Sailing program.
As we look ahead to the future, growth is
on the horizon. Recently, we completed
our first after-school program in Washington, D.C. and are exploring more opportunities for expansion in 2019. It has been remarkable to see how far we have come in the last year and look forward to continuing our mission of inspiring self-confidence and self-esteem in youth with learning differences.

All the best,

Jim Muldoon
Brendan Sailing Program, Chairman
Brendan News
 Message from Executive Director Charlie Arms
The Brendan Sailing program had yet another successful summer in 2018. Using the National On-Water Standards (NOWS), Sail Instructional Standard, and the Brendan Approach, campers were taught learn-to-sail training in a tailored on-water instructional environment. It was our first season using NOWS, and it was amazing to see the confidence and excitement on the kids’ faces grow every day as their sailing skills improved. We capped the sailing portion of the camp with a day sail to “Snake Beach,” culminating with the annual Parents Sail held on the last day. It is awesome to watch the children take charge of the boat, and in a role reversal, provide instructions to their parents on how to sit and trim the jib!
When not on the water, we incorporated US Sailing’s new STEM education initiative, REACH. Using a series of lessons, REACH is designed to teach aspects of science and technology affiliated with the sport of sailing. Our favorite REACH activity was the buoyancy experiment: campers constructed sailboats out of clay, and then placed them in the water to see how long they
Brendan camper tests his clay pot's buoancy using US Sailing's STEM program!
 could float. The kids really seemed to enjoy the experiments provided in the REACH program, and we hope to continue implementing similar initiatives in the future.
Recently, we concluded our first ever after-school program with our new partner in Washington D.C., DC Sail. Located on the Anacostia River, DC Sail was a great partner with great access to the water. We look forward to working with them again, and other new partners the future. As we continue to grow in 2019 and beyond, we will be expanding the Brendan brand. This offseason, we will be increasing our marketing and outreach efforts to be more accessible to families and children who would benefit from our programs most. If schools in your area are having activity fairs or if you are a part of a parent-teacher organization, please let us know. We love to participate in community events and appreciate any help from those in our network. Please do not hesitate to give me a call anytime. (707)-246-0434.
Brendan Sailing - DC Sail Fall Partnership
Brendan Sailing is proud to announce the completion of our first ever after-school program at DC Sail in Washington, DC! We are currently exploring more expansion opportunities for the 2019 season and beyond. Please be on the lookout, as they will be available soon!
2019 Brendan Awards Brunch Moved to January!
The new date of the 2019 Brendan Awards Brunch has been set. Mark your calendars for January 27, 2019, to celebrate the accomplishments of our staff, volunteers, alumni, board, and most importantly our participants for such a great 2018 summer. Location details coming soon.
2018 Brendan Graduation - July 27, 2018
 On the last day of the St. Mary's College of Maryland (SMCM) overnight program, our 2018 participants were honored at the annual Brendan Sailing graduation ceremony. Each participant was individually recognized and received their program completion certificate and Brenan drawstring bag. Additionally, those who participated in the SMCM program received a certificate of completion and medallion from Spirit of America, a Brendan Sailing instructional partner. Among those who received recognition was former Brendan Newsletter "Camper Spotlight" and 2017 Brendan Sailing "Nogutsnoglory" award recipient Max Mazer, who was also awarded a backpack due to his successes at the St. Mary's program. The SMCM overnight program provides the opportunity for students to stay on-campus in SMCM dorms and gain a sense of independence away from home. Congratulations to all the 2018 participants on another successful season at the Brendan Sailing Program.
Photo Credit: Andrew Holden
2018 Hospice Cup
For the second year in a row, Brendan Sailing had the honor of exhibiting at the Hospice Cup in Annapolis. While handing out popcorn and informing attendees of Brendan's mission of serving children with learning differences, Brendan staff were able to interact with members of Annapolis' philanthropic and boating community.

Known as the "World’s Largest Race for Charity," Hospice Cup has been a staple of Annapolis for many years. Although the race was cancelled due to weather this year, the after-party at Bert Jabin Yacht Yard was a major success. Attendees enjoyed a silent auction and entertaining atmosphere all in the name of hospice care. It was an honor for Brendan Sailing to be included for the second year in a row, and we look forward to the presentation of the DONNYBROOK-BRENDAN Trophy in 2019, given to the Hospice Cup team with the most youth sailors under the age of 18. Be on the lookout for us in 2019!
 Photo Credit: Andrew Holden
Brendan 2018 Board of Directors - July 27 Meeting
On July 27, prior to the Brendan Graduation, we hosted the second Brendan Board of Directors meeting of the year. Held at St. Mary's College of Maryland (SMCM) on the last day of our overnight camp, the Board gathered to  
 review general updates, 2019 Awards Brunch details, 2019 Strategic Planning Initiatives, the formation of marketing and academic committees, and Brendan expansion plans. It also provided them the chance to see the last day of camp in full swing, as well as the opportunity to attend the Brendan Graduation ceremony.
Executive Members:
James P. Muldoon, Chairman
Joanne M. Dorval, President
Rick Franke, Secretary
Roberta Wilson, Treasurer
Board of Directors:
Marc Apter
Lex Birney
Pat Ewing
Linda Kessler
Todd Lochner
Molly Mahoney
Jim Muldoon, Jr.
Rick Nelson
Amy Werblow 
Camper Spotlight
Joshua Shevlin
Josh Shevlin is currently a sophomore at Commonwealth Academy in Alexandria, Virginia, where his favorite subjects are history and writing. He also enjoys being a member of his school’s Model United Nations club.

Outside of school, Josh likes playing video games and discussing sports and current events with his friends, taking long bike rides, watching Marvel movies, spending time at the beach, playing tennis, and of course, sailing!
Josh has enjoyed, as well as grown from his experiences with Brendan Sailing. Brendan’s programs have helped Josh to gain self-confidence and learn valuable life skills. Just last week, Josh mentioned that he used his Brendan Sailing training to help one of his high school classmates get back into the boat on a school rafting trip. He has also really enjoyed the camaraderie of the Brendan camps and learning from talented and kind instructors like Charlie and Evan. Lastly, the Brendan Sailing programs have instilled in Josh a love of sailing and being out on the water. Time spent at Brendan Sailing Camps is truly one of the highlights of his year!

Photo Credit: Andrew Holden
Instructor Alumni Today
Beverly Nash
Beverly Nash was an instructor for Brendan Sailing in the late 90's. She is an avid sailor and was hired by Brendan Chairman/Founder Jim Muldoon to teach summer programing in Eastport prior to the official move to Annapolis Sailing School.

Beverly reconnected with Brendan and Executive Director Charlie Arms at the 2018 Hospice Cup. While discussing
current Brendan programing, she told a story of a young girl who, at the beginning of the program, was a very timid sailor. One day, Beverly and the campers planned to sail to Ego Ally and have lunch. At the beginning of the voyage the timid sailor was unsure and uneasy, and worried she would capsize. However, with encouragement from Beverly and the other campers, she overcame her fear and arrived at the destination by using her newly-learned skills and confidence. She was beaming as they went to lunch and was eager to get back out on the water and sail home. Stories like this are why people like Beverly and others become instructors at Brendan Sailing. They make a difference in the community, and we strive to continue to make that positive influence today.

Photo Credit: Charlie Arms
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*Please feel free to send us any articles you find hepful and we will be sure to highlight them in future newsletters!*
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The instructional approach used in the Brendan Sailing Program conforms to American National Standards EDU-3 Skills-based Sailboat Standard and EDU 4 On-water Instruction Standard for on-water, skills-based instruction in entry-level recreational boat operation. Learn more about National On-Water Standards here.
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