We need to find 10 more people who are willing to volunteer for one day, once a month for 3 hours to get Visitors to answer 8 questions. The Volunteer will need to commit their business as a location. The commitment is for 12 months and a one hour training session.
Intercept surveys are surveys that are conducted in-person, generally in a public place or business. Intercept surveys are a type of methodology that can provide accurate and invaluable in-the-moment data from respondents.
Visitor Intercept research is a way to evaluate the visitor experience among target-market customers. It is one of the fastest, most productive routes to continuous improvement in attracting and providing the best visitor experience by identifying topics like who visits, why they visit, and how long they stayed during their visit.
Why do a Visitor Intercept Study?
Understanding visitor profiles including motivations to visit, demographics, and amount spent is critical to a travel and tourism related business. Whether you are an attraction, event, destination, or tourism region, capturing this data directly from visitors is a must-have. It lends incredible insight into tourism behavior and economic impact which can drive marketing messaging, growth areas, strategies, and set your tourism destination up for success.
Without this visitor intercept survey data, you are likely flying blind. You may have access to some secondary or broad market research but nothing that is unique and customized for your specific needs. Working with an intercept survey company can help you get these answers. The Cochise County Tourism Council has a visitor intercept survey ready and the deliverables and analysis will be invaluable to our community. There is a reason why you see so many people with tablets collecting feedback at events including places like Disney World.
If you are interested please email the Chamber AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
info@tombstonechamber.com or call (520) 457-9317
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