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A.SPIRE General Assembly & 5th Anniversary Cocktail
This year, the General Assembly (G.A.) coincided with a very important milestone for A.SPIRE. 2019 marks the 5th anniversary of the creation of the SPIRE contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP) and the beginning of the collaboration between the eight industrial sectors. For the past five years, the cPPP’s mission has been to ensure the development of enabling technologies and best practices with the purpose to contribute to a resource efficient process industry. It has and continues to do so with great success!
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Paving the Way to the New Strategic SPIRE 2050 Roadmap
SPIRE’s new 2050 Vision foresees an integrated and digital European Process Industry, delivering new technologies and business models that address climate change and enable a fully circular society in Europe with enhanced competitiveness and impact for jobs and growth. This vision has been defined in a collaborative process among eight SPIRE sectors and presented to a broad network of stakeholders at the SPIRE Stakeholder’s Workshop on 2 October 2018. Now SPIRE is ready to take the next step towards putting the Vision 2050 into more concrete activities and actions in a form of SPIRE Roadmap 2050.
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SPIRE Projects Delivering Results in Innovation and Sustainability
Gr3n was awarded the Overall Innovation Radar Prize (2018). This is an achievement, as Gr3n is a direct outcome of the SPIRE project, Symbioptima, which aimed at delivering a more resource-efficient production at network level for industrial clusters, reducing adverse environmental impacts. This demonstrates how the SPIRE projects are playing a key role in transforming technology and science into something tangible and of added value for society and its EU citizens.
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European Commssion: Horizon Impact Award

The European Commission has launched the first Horizon Impact Award. This prize acknowledges and rewards the most influential and impactful projects under Horizon 2020 or FP7. Can you demonstrate that you have valorized your results and created a societal impact? Please apply through the Funding and Tenders portal. The deadline for submission is 28 May 2019.
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CIRMET: Modular, versatile, and smart process units for energy and resource flexibility in highly energy intensive processes
Interested in improving the resource efficiency and reducing emissions of your industrial process? CIRMET project offers an energy-efficient and sustainable solution for in-house treatment of metallic wastes with a high operational flexibility. Based in an innovative concept of metallurgical furnace, controlled and optimized through an advanced data analytic platform, this solution follows a near-to-zero waste circular economy approach. Follow us on Twitter.
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EPOS: Impacts on Europe
The EPOS project recently participated in the Industrial Symbiosis session at the World Resources Forum in Antwerp, Belgium. Alongside other SIPRE projects, the EPOS project was presented and the EPOS toolbox was publicly demonstrated for the first time! To learn more about the EPOS project and toolbox, or to access our published materials, including Insights, Technology Focus, Deliverables and Generic Cases visit our website. For daily updates follow us on Twitter.
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FUDIPO: MDH Presents Toolbox in Digicor on 18 December 2018
Erik Dahlquist, from MDH University and coordinator of FUDIPO, presented the project toolbox for Al industry and energy companies, last December. There were about 50 companies representatives in the event, all related to the automation sector, both SME and large companies. If you have any questions about the toolbox being developed in FUDIPO and how it can improve your company processes in terms of energy efficiency, contact us!
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HARMONI: Priority Topics
HARMONI aims at bringing all the relevant stakeholders of the process industry to jointly identify, analyse and propose solutions to the regulatory bottlenecks and standardisation needs that hamper innovation processes and market uptake. The project’s fiches describe the six priority topics: 1) Holistic Approach to Innovation, 2) Access to Public Funding, 3) Circular Economy Package, 4) Waste Recycling, 5) Plastic Recycling, and 6) CO2 Valorisation.
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Indus3Es: Project Demo Installed in TÜPRAŞ Premises
In January, the Indus3Es partners gathered to assess the progresses achieved. The demo system has been manufactured and installed in TÜPRAŞ, and is based on the Absorption Heat Transformer technology for recovering and revaluing low-temperature waste heat from industrial processes. During the tests, in collaboration with the other project end-users, the partners will analyse besides integration aspects, operational and business issues of Indu3Es System.
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KaRMA2020: Impacts on Europe
The KaRMA2020 project is researching and developing new processes to convert the keratin contained in a currently underused waste stream (chicken poultry feathers) into valuable bio-based products. This project will unlock new bio-based value chains in Europe connecting the poultry industry with several sectors such as painting formulations, textiles, bioplastics, biocomposites and fertilisers. Discover the main impacts that KaRMA2020 will bring to Europe!
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PRODIAS: Making Innovation a Reality
The Project will lead to a substantially improved performance in fermentation and downstream processing by a significant increase in productivity and efficiency, lower energy consumptions and a decrease of investment costs. Resource and energy efficiency has a tremendous environmental impact by the reduction of GHG emissions, water usage and raw material.
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As MAESTRI will reach its conclusion in August 2019, the Consortium is now planning the Final Conference, which will be held on 18 June in Portugal, near Lisbon. The objective of the event is to present the results achieved in the project’s lifetime, the implemented outcomes and further development opportunities.
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MORSE: Cold Weather, Warm Hearts and Strong Motivation
The project celebrated its last consortium meeting in Tornio, Finland inside the facilities of Outokumpu Stainless Oy. Productive discussions and valuable contributions have come out during 2 days of meetings including the workshop led by IDENER to prepare the Initial Exploitation Plan for promising results. The hospitality of our industrial partner, Outokumpu, and good disposition of the attendees favoured excellent ideas emerging from several discussions.
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REHAP: Assessing the Availability of Agroforestry Residues
Rehap has published an informative and fun factsheet to highlight some of the research and results currently being developed, and it takes a look at what lies ahead for the project. The next stage of the project involves the development of a methodology tool to forecast the potential waste residues across the EU till 2030.
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RESYNTEX: Registration Opens for Final Conference! 
RESYNTEX’s Final Conference: From Textile Waste to Secondary Raw Materials, in Brussels on 24 April, will bring together experts from the textile and chemical industries to exchange knowledge and opinions from its research. More information on registration and hotel accomodation.
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Learn more on what the PreMa project is about and its action lines and objectives through the project leaflet.    
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SPIRE believes in boosting the transitions and has formulated a new Vison 2050 to provide as a guide within Horizon Europe.
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Read the "Waste Heat: Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Intensive Industries" from the TASIO Project. 
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