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March 17th, 2020 | Issue 6: Special Edition
April is a few weeks away, but we decided to make a Special Edition newsletter to support you through the Coronavirus outbreak. This edition is filled with resources to help you cope as well as some feel-good content to help you take a breath for a moment. We have also set up a temporary #coronavirus channel in the 18percent slack for peer-to-peer support. We'll be back with our regular scheduled content in April. Stay healthy, stay safe, we're here for you. 
Coronavirus Resources
This is not one resource but a whole bundle of them - tips for fighting anxiety, xenophobia, and fear. There is also a frequently updated Q&A with psychologists and stress relieving distractions.
Actionable strategies to manage stress and an explanation of why people act the way they do when faced with a threat like this.
If you prefer to watch a video over reading an article, therapist Kati Morton explains how to cope with virus anxiety and the science of how our bodies react.
First, take a moment to acknowledge and accept your situation... 
If you find yourself in need of a job during this time, Coronahub, which was set up by our co-founder David, is posting listings. They also have a Slack group for information and support.
The mediation app Ten Percent Happier created this "Coronavirus Sanity Guide" including free mediations and blog posts.
Also, our moderator Danielle was able to get a free trial promo code for this app. To redeem, go to redeem.tenpercent.com and use promo code tenpercentdanielle30days
Unfortunately, being confined to the home may not be the safest situation for survivors of domestic violence. The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides a guide for this situation. You can also call 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-799-7233 for TTY, or if you’re unable to speak safely, you can log onto thehotline.org or text LOVEIS to 22522 for support.
Stress-relieving Content
This cute, 60 second meditation will clear your mind and give you a chance to breathe.
We guarantee watching this video will make you feel a little lighter. Puppies!
This video is so calming and beautiful...it will truly provide an escape to a different place for a little while.
From Our Community
18percent's community members have so much insight and kindness to share...here are some highlights.
"During this time, I try to remember I’m not alone. I have a whole community 24/7 that knows my name and cares about me. I set my clock for coffee breaks and 18percent. That’s how I’m breathing right now. That’s my routine. Prioritizing my mental health routine is helping me make a calm schedule for my kiddos. Because I’m not alone. I’m not the only one who’s scared. Just knowing I’m not alone helps so much."
"Reminder that we will get through this and be okay. I too have felt overwhelmed. If anything, this unites us to talk about our mental health more openly and realize we are all fighting this together, all worried together. Your emotions are valid. Your frustrations and fears are valid. But we will get through this and be stronger because of it."
And lastly, some mental health humor...
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