Some great skills on show by the girls.
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April 30th, 2020
Some great skills on show by the girls
Still no official word on when anything can resume, so I'm afraid nothing to report on return to activites. We remain in coronacrisis mode.
Lots of teams are keeping themselves busy by running skills videos and the like. If your team is doing so, do let me know. If your team isn't doing anything, why not?
All club activities remain off. The club is closed until further notice. So, not much to report. If there is anything of interest, I'll be sure to put something out on our social channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
if you want something included in the club notes, all you have to do is drop me a mail at
Continuing to help those in our community
Our volunteer team is now actively helping a number of people on a regular basis at this point. Individual volunteers have been assigned to those who have seeked help to give them a sense of security and familiarity.
If you or a family member is in need of assistance, simply call or text Aoife Drumgoole on 087 947 6626 and she will co-ordinate one of the volunteer team to respond.
Lotto Result 27 April 2020
This week's lotto jackpot was €1,600. Numbers drawn were:
09, 15, 12, 23
There was no Jackpot winner and this week's weekly winner was Sinead Byrne
Next week's lotto jackpot is €1,750.
You can now play online with a quick online payment of a debit or credit card here. Thanks to all those who picked up a new subscription.
PNU2: Tresspassing is prohibited
We've mentioned over the last number of weeks that our grounds are closed and should not be used. Specifically, our all-weather pitch, PNU2 is locked. Despite this, we've had reports of people playing on PNU2.  In order to access PNU2, people have had to climb over a fence.  Members should be aware that this is trespassing and the club will take a very dim view of this.
Members found to be tresspassing on PNU2 will be subject to a ban, and any bans imposed will commence upon our return from lockdown.
Virtual Mini Leagues Runs Again This Saturday
Many thanks to all the families who have joined our virtual mini-leagues sessions.
Next Saturday will see another virtual mini-leagues. The session will be run 11:00am. Would you child like to take part? Simply sign up here. (If you signed up already there's no need to do it again). The team will follow up with an email with details on how to install Microsoft Teams and join the meeting. We hope to have a good crowd taking part.
For a view of the kinds of activities, our GPO Emma has prepared a video
Here's those skills
Hats off to our girls team who are challenging each other and recording the results. A great way to keep in contact with your team mates, whilst also keeping your eye in! Here's few for your enjoyment:
 U12 Ladies football skills
Notice anything about these videos? Yep. C'mon lads teams, when you gonna step up?
Some video advice
If you are thinking of sending on your teams skills videos here's a couple of pieces of advice:
1. Pick a format beforehand and try to stick to it. If you want to avoid black borders on your video, best if everyone shoots the same way up! Advise people to shoot in landscape for best results.
2. Feel free to send on raw footage. If you're unfamiliar with video editing software, don't worry. Send me the raw footage, and I can string them together.
3. Don't add a music track. Once a video is uploaded to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube is it scanned for rights-managed content. Your favourite background tune may cause the video to be automatically blocked or muted. If you want a backing track, I'll search out some royalty free track to add to it.
4. Get consent! If the video is of an under 18 player, please ensure the video is sent to you by a parent, and regardless of the age of the player, please request explicit consent to publish on social media.
The Louise Lynch Bursary
Many of you may remember the Louise Lynch Bursary, which was introduced last year in memory of our dear friend Louise. Once again, the bursary will be awarded. Full details on the programme is available here. The eligibility criteria are really straight forward. To qualify to enter you must:
  • Be a playing member of St Vincents, playing either Camogie or Ladies Football.
  • Be entering Third level education for the first time at time of application.
  • Not be in receipt of another third level bursary or scholarship.
Note: Members who are entering Third level as a mature student are eligible to apply.
We urge anyone of our female members going to college later this year to apply.
GAA Newsletter - April
The association produce a great monthly newsletter, packed full of articles and advice. It's always worth a read. April's edition is availble on the GAA website.
Newsletter details
This newsletter is sent to over 1000 recipients and is a great way to inform members of club happenings. If you want anything included in the newsletter, drop a mail to Comments and feedback are welcome too.
And finally..
I guess all of our county and country-level bodies are struggling to fill their news feeds. I'm seeing a lot of "classic" games and clips in place of actual news. We thank Dublin GAA for tweeting this gem just tonight. 'Hon Enda Boy.
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