April 2020 edition of the SNETP newsletter.
Newsletter n° 22 - April 2020
Message from SNETP Secretary General
Dear SNETP colleagues,
The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is requesting immediate action from governments that are being forced to implement significant restrictions on civil society and professional environments to protect lives. With social distancing and remote working becoming the norm, all types of organizations are adapting their working methods to ensure business continuity.
The nuclear industry, with its strong safety culture and well-established emergency preparedness protocols, has been able to respond swiftly to the caused disruptions. Plant operators are applying measures to protect the health of their workers: enhanced hygiene procedures, as well as staggered shifts and lunch breaks to enable social distancing are being used to prevent the spread of the virus. Almost all R&D centers are currently carrying out their activities remotely.
We are all focusing our efforts on fighting this immediate threat. But this should not make us lose sight of the importance of continuing with our R&D activities to support the transition towards a clean energy system with nuclear and renewables. It is important to bear in mind that such decarbonized energy system would precisely allow us to limit our exposure to epidemics such as the coronavirus, whose frequency and resistance is known to increase with global warming.
SNETP Association’s activities will continue during this difficult period. SNETP is closely following developments regarding the Green Deal, sustainable financing matters and the upcoming R&D programme Horizon Europe (2021-2027). In these difficult times in which social distancing is needed, SNETP is doing its best to reschedule its major events while maintaining close dialogue with all its stakeholders.
We wish you, your loved ones and colleagues all the very best during this difficult episode.
Send your application for the SNETP Governing Board!
Even though we currently have enough candidates for the number of positions required, both R&D organisations and private sector representatives can still apply to become a Governing Board member. We are waiting for the signed application form by 30 April 2020 at the latest. Before you apply, please make sure that you can dedicate enough time to this mandate (around 15 - 18 days per year).
Management Meetings
  • SNETP remote transition ExCom: Planned for end May 2020 
  • SNETP Governing Board n°2: Planned for October 2020
Technical Meetings
  • SNETP FORUM n°9 + Scientific Committee n°2: 15-17 September 2020 - Rome
  • ​NUGENIA TA8 - ENIQ Meetings: 20-22 October 2020 - Materials Ageing Institute, EDF R&D site, Les Renardières, Ecuelles, France
Access the SNETP and the NUGENIA calendars to be informed of all the events of interest for the community. 
MUSA mobility grants are now available!
The Management and Uncertainties of Severe Accidents (MUSA) Horizon 2020 project has recently launched a mobility programme for young researchers and PhD/Masters students that includes the following activities:
  • ​Temporary stays in MUSA partners' labs
  • Attendance to MUSA international conferences, workshops and seminars related to the MUSA project
  • Participation in the SA phenomenology course of NUGENIA TA2/SARNET or similar international courses
For more information, please visit the MUSA website.
If you would like to received updates on the progress of the MUSA project and be informed of interesting events in the nuclear field, subscribe now to MUSA's newsletter.
Check out INSPYRE's second newsletter!
INSPYRE's second newsletter is now out! It details the achievements and the progress made during the first half of the project.
IEA publishes 2019 Global CO2 Numbers 
On 11 February 2020, the International Energy Agency published its 2019 data on CO2 global energy-related emissions. The IEA report shows that emissions flattened in 2019 at around 33 Gt due to a decline in CO2 emissions from the power sector in advanced economies, the increasing role of renewable energy sources, fuel switching from coal to natural gas, and higher nuclear power output.
Nuclear energy accounts for almost 50% of low-carbon electricity in the EU 
FORATOM has launched an online tool that provides data on the different low-carbon electricity sources in the EU. Users can also check real time data and find out which is the largest source of electricity in a specific country.
FORATOM welcomes climate neutrality goal 
FORATOM supports the European Commission’s decision to preserve the goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in its European Climate Law proposal.
"However, the EU’s economy will need to be radically transformed in order to achieve this. That is why it is essential that any EU policy which is developed in order to support this goal provides support to all low-carbon technologies” stated Yves Desbazeille, FORATOM’s Director General. The European Commission has already confirmed that nuclear, together with renewable energies, will be key in turning the EU into a carbon-free power system.
You can read FORATOM’s press release here.
Poland plans to build six nuclear power plants before 2043 
The Polish government has decided to invest in nuclear energy to provide electricity to the country. Poland expects to build six nuclear plants before 2043 that aim to represent 20% of Poland's energy mix in the future.
"We achieve something that is very important for Europe. On the one hand, care for the natural environment, on the other: we maintain energy security," said energy expert, MEP Grzegorz Tobiszowski. The Polish government will work together with the French or the Americans to implement this project, relying on their expertise and know-how.
For more information, read this article.
The Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) in Japan gives green light to the restart of HTTR 
The Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has received permission to restart its High-Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HHTR). Following the earquake and tsunami in March 2011, new regulation standards for reactors were issued by NRA in December 2013. JAEA submitted an application  showing that new standards were met which has now been validated. NRA will release its review report for public hearing from 26 March to 24 April 2020. After that, an official approval will be issued and the restart of the reactor is expected for early 2021.
You can read more here.
International Forum on Enhancing a Sustainable Nuclear Supply Chain
  • 7-10 September 2020
  • Helsinki, Finland
The Forum is the sixteenth in a series of events organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) focusing on management systems for nuclear facilities and activities. This year's forum will address the management of the supply chain.
For more information on this event, visit this website.
HTR 2020
  • 6-8 October 2020
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technologyfocuses on high-temperature gas-cooled reactors and process heat application technology. This event, taking place on 6-8 October 2020 in Yogyakarta, will gather professionals in R&D and in industry as well as decision makers, utilities, end-user industries and vendors. An SNETP delegation will also be present at this meeting.
Check the meeting agenda here.
BEPU 2020 
  • 11-17 October 2020
  • Sicily, Italy
The Conference Best Estimate Modelling Plus Uncertainties (BEPU) will take place on 11-17 October 2020 in Sicily, Italy. It will focus on addressing the issues with BEPU applications identified during the 2018 conference edition and reflecting on how to enhance the BEPU process.
Early registration deadline: 31 July 2020
Paper submission deadline: 31 May 2020
For more information on the BEPU conference, visit this website.
4th CORDEL Regional Workshop 
  • 13-15 October 2020
  • Lyon, France
The 4th CORDEL Regional Workshop on Harmonization to support the operation and new build of NPPs including SMRs will focus on exchanging information on the state of play for harmonization and analyse this from regional, national and global perspectives.
The workshop will be divided into two sessions:
  • harmonization of safety requirements’ implementation and licensing procedures
  • standardization in design, manufacturing and construction for both existing nuclear power plants and new nuclear build
You can find more information on this workshop here.
G4SR-2 2020
  • 9-12 November 2020
  • Toronto, Canada 

The International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactor (G4SR-2) will focus on the topic “Advancing the Wave in SMR Deployment, Overcoming Barriers, Pursuing Innovations & Collaborations to Fight Climate Change”. An SNETP delegation will attend this international conference.
Register here to join the conference.
You can submit your abstracts until 20 March 2020.
Reactor core and containment cooling systems - long term management and reliability workshop 
  • 23-25 February 2021
  • Levice, Slovak Republic 

This OECD/NEA workshop will focus on exchanging information and practices on maintaining the cooling function in a long term accident in a nuclear power plant. The objective of the workshop is to identify remaining knowledge gaps related to the material, components and systems that are critical for maintaining cooling in the long term after an accident. During the workshop participants will discuss how to address the gaps identified.
Check here the first call for papers (abstract submission deadline is 29 May 2020).
More information on the workshop here.
  • World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference: brings together over 200 industry professionals to discuss issues affecting the commercial nuclear fuel cycle.
    • 20-22 April 2020
    • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Atalante 2020 - Nuclear Chemistry for Sustainable Fuel Cycles: the ATALANTE Conference focuses on advances for future fuel cycles and waste management.
    • 7-12 June 2020
    • Montpellier, France
  • Plutonium Futures - The Science 2020: provides an international forum for scientists and engineers to present and discuss current research on physical and chemical properties of plutonium and other actinide elements.
    • ​7-12 June 2020
    • Montpellier, France
  • SNETP FORUM 2020: the forum addresses key topics of interest for the nuclear fission R&D stakeholders.
    • ​​22-24 April 2020  New dates: 15-17 September 2020
    • Rome, Italy
  • International Conference on Enhancing the Operational Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: the conference focuses on enhancements in operational safety management at all stages of NPP operations from new build, existing and extended life operations.
    • 11-15 May 2020
    • Beijing, China
  • Nuclear 2020 - The 13 Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development through Nuclear Research and Education: this annual event focuses on promoting the benefits of nuclear energy in the fight against climate change, showcasing the latest results of nuclear research and education, strengthening the collaboration among researchers, academia, the nuclear industry and the business environment, and reflecting on the national nuclear sector and research.
    • 27-29 May 2020​ New dates: September/October 2020
    • Pitesti, Romania
  • 13th International Conference of the Croatian Nuclear Society (HND2020): this event promotes regional co-operation and exchange of experience in the use of nuclear power and fuel cycle facilities among the countries with an interest in the nuclear option.
    • 31 May-3 June 2020
    • Zadar, Croatia

New dates for the postponed events will be announced on the SNETP calendar in the upcoming months.
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