October 2019 edition of the SNETP newsletter.
Newsletter n°18 - October 2019
SNETP International Association - three pillars moving forward!
The SNETP International Association (AISBL) was formally recognised by a Royal Deed that was communicated to the transition Presidency and Secretariat early in October. We are happy to share with you the document received from the Belgian administration. A number of changes are expected to be implemented throughout 2020 and we will share them with you in the coming weeks and months.

Please save the dates for 2 major SNETP events in 2020:
  • The next edition of the SNETP Forum 2020 will take place in Rome from 22-24 April 2020. We are currently working on the programme and will shortly provide details regarding the venue. If you wish to organise a technical meeting at this occasion, SNETP would be happy to support you. Please contact the Secretariat with your request.
  • The SNETP General Assembly will take place on 26 March 2020 in Brussels. Authorised representatives of the full members and invited organisations are expected to participate. More information will be communicated in upcoming messages.
SNETP governance
As provided in the new SNETP statutes voted on 22 May 2019, the General Assembly of SNETP is in charge of electing its President, Vice-President (VP) and the members of the Governing Board (GB) (article 8).
According to the statutes (Article 9, 12), the President & Vice President represent the association vis-à-vis third parties and can make legally bound decisions by signature of at least one of them. There are nineteen members of the Governing including three representatives appointed by the pillars (NUGENIA, ESNII and NC2I), eight members representing the private sector and eight from research and technical organisations elected by the General Assembly. Governing Board members duties are listed in article 9 of the Statutes.
The President, Vice President and Governing Board members “are elected for a two-year mandate, with elections conducted in alternative years”. Exceptionally, as decided in the SNETP Transition Executive Committee on 19-20 September 2019, the Governing Board members will be elected for three years. The “alternation mandate rule” will then continue as expected.
The SNETP Secretariat invites all interested candidates for one of these three positions (President, VP and GB member) to express their candidature to the SNETP Secretariat (secretariat@snetp.eu) and provide required elements no later than 7 January 2020.
The elements required to formally consider the candidate are: a CV in English and a cover letter. All candidates should make sure that their organisation reserves time for them to honour their duties in their respective roles within SNETP.
Scientific Committee – A new body to shape the SNETP technical agenda
An SNETP new technical body was created following the transition ExCom on 19-20 September 2019. Its main purpose is to reorganise the technical agenda of the association, prepare the programme for the SNETP Forum 2020 and finalise the update of the Strategic Research Agenda of the association.
Next meeting is scheduled on 8 November 2019 remotely. Please contact the Secretariat for more information.
SNETP calendar
Access the SNETP calendar HERE to be informed of all the events of interest for the community.
  • ESNII Task Force n°26:  9 Janvier - Paris
  • Transition SNETP ExCom n°2: 15-16 January 2020 - Brussels
  • NC2I Task Force: 29 Janvier - Warsaw
  • SNETP General Assembly n°9: 26 March 2020 - Brussels
  • SNETP Forum n°9 + Scientific Committe n°2: 22,23 & 24 April 2020 - Roma
  • SNETP Governing Board n°1: Week of 22 June 2020 - Paris
  • SNETP Governing Board n°2: October 2020
NUGENIA - NUclear Generation II&III Association
NUGENIA awarded a label to the following project ideas, most of them were submitted to the last H2020 Euratom Call in September.
ESNII - European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative
ESNII awarded a label to the following project ideas, most of them were submitted to the last H2020 Euratom Call in September.
NC2I - Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative
GEMINI+ project
Under the umbrella of NC2I, the GEMINI+ project is ongoing and will be completed in August 2020. GEMINI+ is aiming at the demonstration of nuclear cogeneration of heat and power using a High Temperature Gas-cooled type SMR with a high Technology Readiness Level. Nuclear Cogeneration is a so far largely untapped but high-impact opportunity for CO2 and noxious gas emission curbing, improvement of public health, and energy security. GEMINI+ has already delivered several key results in terms of drawing maximum technical and economic benefit from typical HTGR SMR characteristics such as workshop manufacturing, transportability, small size or inherent safety. It is targeting specific applications for instance in the chemical industry.
HYDRO-GEN IV project proposal

In September, NC2I has submitted a new project proposal HYDRO-GEN IV
to the 2019 H2020 Euratom Call which goes one step further by using nuclear cogeneration for both heat and hydrogen production. There is a very large existing European and global hydrogen market, both for energy applications and as chemical feedstock. It is also considered key in the realisation of future Hybrid Energy Systems, especially the integration of variable renewables with other energy forms. At the same time the project will address ways to further enhance sustainability aspects (fuel and waste) and has the objective of facilitating licensing of such installations. The proposal has gathered 19 partners including a mix of nuclear and non-nuclear organisations as well as four partners from overseas (US, Canada, South Korea and Japan), thus reflecting the widespread interest in this subject.
Repository now available
The NC2I repository is now available on the SNETP website. The purpose of this online library is to store in one single location the reports and deliverables produced in the past years and dealing with HTR technology. For instance, FP6 RAPHAEL, FP7 ARCHER, FP7 NC2I-R, H2020 GEMINI+ deliverables and many others are available on the platform. Most of the deliverables are freely accessible but some require the user to log in. GEMINI+ consortium hopes that this action shall facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the contributors of the project and beyond, between all those interested by the HTR technology.
If you need any support or have any question, you can write a message to the SNETP Secretariat.
SNETP on LinkedIn
The SNETP Platform has recently launched a new LinkedIn page, don't hesitate to share the word and subscribe to stay up to date on the Platform's latest news!
ENS - High Scientific Council Position Paper
In its latest position paper, the ENS High Scientific Council reiterates the urgency of climate change and how decarbonising electricity generation (with the aid of nuclear power) will help meet Paris Agreement targets. It expresses its concern that not enough is being done fast in the short term and Governments are still too slow in implementing important measures that are needed to reach these vital targets.
Read the full Position Paper HERE
ANNETTE project - September 2019 Bulletin  
ANNETTE (Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education and Training and Transfer of Expertise) is an H2020 project coordinated by the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN). It publishes a monthly bulletin to promote the courses offered by the partners of the project.
The courses target individuals who are looking to start, refresh, deepen or widen their education and training in the nuclear fields. The topics covered encompass Nuclear Safety / Technology, Radiation Protection, Waste Management and Geological Disposal, Nuclear Safety Culture and Fusion. Major universities, research centres and other institutions in Europe are involved in delivering the courses.

The present course programme is available HERE
An updated list of courses is available in the September Bulletin, adding new information on pre-existing and new courses.
To see the full version of ANNETTE September 2019 Bulletin, click HERE
National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)
According to the governance of the energy union and climate action rules, which entered into force on 24 December 2018, EU countries are required to: 
  • develop integrated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) that cover the five dimensions of the energy union for the period 2021 to 2030 based on a common template
  • submit a draft NECP by 31 December 2018 and be ready to submit the final plans by 31 December 2019 to the European Commission
  • report on the progress they make in implementing their NECPs, mostly on a biannual basis
The Commission will monitor EU progress (as a whole) towards achieving these targets, notably as part of the annual state of the energy union report.
More information on the NECPs plan HERE
Petition to include nuclear in the EU sustainable finance taxonomy
A petition has been launched to include nuclear power in the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy, which functions as a go-to source for investors looking for green investments.
The petition, set up by Energy for Humanity’s Kirsty Gogan, THINK ATOM’s Rauli Partanen, Eric Ingersoll from Energy Options Network and Staffan Qvist, author of A Bright Future, has already gathered 1391 supporters at the time of writing.
It notes no nation in the EU is currently doing enough to limit climate change and argues rather than “regressive” nuclear policies both across both individual EU countries and at the EU level in general, all of the available low carbon energy options must be “on the table”.

Click HERE for more information on the petition
Sign the petition HERE
  • 4-5 November 2019
  • Cologne, Germany
EUROSAFE is a global and European initiative aimed at promoting the convergence of technical nuclear safety practices in Europe.

For this year's event, the European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON) invites you to:
  • Get to know the latest on nuclear installation safety, decommissioning, nuclear waste management, radiation protection and emergency preparedness.
  • Meet up with experts and representatives of relevant stakeholders from all over Europe and beyond.
  • Have your say in the Interactive Round-table Discussion with high-profile panelists on the role of international networks in nuclear safety.
  • Attend the science slam competition hosted by ETSON´s Junior Staff Programme and vote for your favourite for the ETSON Award 2019.
More information on the event HERE
MMARS - Models and Methods for Advanced Reactor Safety anlysis course
  • 11-15 November 2019
  • Lucca, Italy

The MMARS Platform provides a set of parallel courses to transfer the experience and know-how of recognised experts in applying computational tools for carrying out safety analysis. Best practice and advanced methods for building, assessing and finally exploiting the Evaluation Models constitute the main subjects of the MMARS courses.
The courses cover several aspects of the safety analysis with the goal to demonstrate how the computational tools/evaluation models can simulate phenomena expected in thermal-hydraulics (system and core), fuel performance and severe accidents.

Click HERE to have access to the detailed programme of the seminar course
Register to the course HERE
8th International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning (ICOND)
  • 12-14 November 2019
  • Aachen, Germany
The International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning focuses on the relevant legal parameters in Germany and compares decommissioning strategies worldwide.
ICOND addresses operators of nuclear plants and companies who are working on the planning, implementation and supervision of decommissioning projects; authorities and technical experts whose focus includes the approval and supervisions procedure of decommissioning projects; and research institutions, which are responsible for the dismantling of research reactors and the storage and/or disposal of radioactive hazardous waste.
The conference will enable participants to proficiently discuss the challenges of the decommissioning of nuclear plants in a practical way, and to define optimal planning variants for decommissioning implementation. 
More information HERE
Registration link HERE
1st EERA JPNM Infodays
  • 4-5 December 2019
  • Brussels, Belgium
The objective of the EERA JPNM is to improve safety and sustainability of Nuclear Energy by focusing on materials aspects.
These infodays will contribute to foster the links between participants active in the research on nuclear materials, including the academic associates, and with the stakeholders.
More information & registration link HERE 
ACI’s 7th Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Summit
  • 12-13 February 2020
  • London, UK
This two day event will provide excellent opportunities to learn from high profile speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise on overcoming the current challenges involved in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and radioactive waste management.
You will also have the chance to network with industry leaders from across the entire value chain, to maximise the opportunities arising in the nuclear decommissioning sector, whilst also discovering the latest technologies and solutions that facilitate the storage and management of spent fuel.
Please note that thanks to a partnership we have with ACI, all the SNETP members can benefit of a 15% discount on their ticket. For more information please contact: secretariat@nugenia.org
More information & registration link HERE 
4th CORDEL Regional Workshop
  • 31 March-2 April 2020
  • Lyon, France
The objective of this 4th workshop is to share information on the state of play, and prospects going forward for harmonisation, and to examine this from national, regional and global perspectives. The workshop will be divided into two areas:
  1. harmonisation of safety requirements’ implementation and licensing procedures,
  2. standardisation in design, manufacturing and construction for both existing nuclear power plants and new nuclear build.
More information HERE 
International Conference on Enhancing the Operational Safety of Nuclear Power Plants
  • 11-15 May 2020
  • Beijing, China
The conference will highlight enhancements in operational safety management at all stages of NPP operations from new build, existing and extended life operations. It aims to foster the exchange of information and experiences related to enhancing NPP operational safety during commissioning, start-up, ongoing and long-term operation among representatives of new and existing nuclear operators, regulators, technical support organisations, construction companies and other relevant organisations.
More information HERE 
ATALANTE Conference 2020
  • 6-12 June 2020
  • Montpellier, France
The ATALANTE Conference provides an international forum for presentations and discussions on advances for future fuel cycles and waste management. The 2020 edition will include plenary, technical and poster sessions.
More information HERE 
Plutonium Futures 2020
  • 7-12 June 2020
  • Montpellier, France
Plutonium Futures - The Science is a topical conference that provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of current research on physical and chemical properties of plutonium and other actinide elements. By bringing people of diverse disciplines together, the conference aims to enhance the dialogue among scientists and engineers on the fundamental properties of plutonium and other actinide elements, and their technological consequences.
The conference will be organised in plenary, technical and poster sessions
Abstract submission deadline: 15 December 2019
More information HERE 
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