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Tarbes, 16 June 2020
TARMAC Aerosave, the expert group for the storage, transition, maintenance and recycling of aircraft and engines, has opened a fourth site at Paris-Vatry airport, in the Grand Est region (France). This site, in addition to the historic site of Tarbes and to the Teruel (Spain) and Toulouse-Francazal sites, brings the overall capacity of the aircraft storage group to 270 aircraft. The Paris-Vatry site can accommodate all types of aircraft, for associated storage and maintenance service only.
Three sites in France, one in Spain
TARMAC Aerosave set up at Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées airport in 2007 to develop an aircraft life cycle management service.
In order to expand capacity, the Teruel site in Spain was opened in 2013, making it the largest area operated by the group with 125 spaces.
Then, in 2017, TARMAC Aerosave won the call for bids from Edeis to operate the Toulouse-Francazal site dedicated to the storage and maintenance of single-aisle aircraft.

The strong demand for storage from March to May 2020 accelerated the French expansion project and led TARMAC Aerosave to sign an operational agreement with Paris-Vatry airport. Indeed, despite a 25% extension of the group's total capacity on the three existing sites, 90% of this capacity will be taken by the end of June with the arrival of new aircraft.

In addition, TARMAC Aerosave is studying export opportunities for its business model, based on the principle of the "one-stop shop" offer.
Paris-Vatry, storage space for 30 aircraft in the heart of Europe
A former NATO base, known for its large reception capacity, a runway of nearly 4,000 m, 24-hour opening time and freight activities, the Paris-Vatry platform provides TARMAC Aerosave with parking areas of more than 60,000 m².

TARMAC Aerosave can now accommodate 30 aircraft of all types, according to Group standards: parking adapted to the tonnage, and maintenance exclusively carried out by TARMAC Aerosave staff based in Vatry.
Rémi Paillassa has been appointed Project Manager for the Paris-Vatry site and has already taken up his duties on site.

This new site offers TARMAC Aerosave customers a reception point in northern France.
TARMAC Aerosave is thus positioned in the immediate vicinity of the main European airports (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels) providing airlines with a "rear base" for short or medium-term storage.
“We are delighted with this collaboration with Paris-Vatry, a global benchmark platform for aviation logistics which has very recently demonstrated its efficiency. This new location allows us to meet the requests of all customers and to prepare more calmly for the next re-deliveries and long-term storage. " said Patrick Lecer, president of TARMAC Aerosave.

“This collaboration is part of a new long-term industrial project with a leading company in the field. It allows Paris-Vatry to diversify its service offer and is part of a positive dynamic. The aviation sector will have new needs in the coming years, following the COVID-19 crisis, to which we will be able to respond. Our platform was able to demonstrate its ability to process and mobilize during the crisis, and the same will apply tomorrow thanks to TARMAC Aerosave, who we are happy to welcome in the framework of the development programme." said Christophe Parois, director of Paris-Vatry airport.
About TARMAC Aerosave
Established in Tarbes (France) in 2007, set up in Teruel (Spain) in 2013, in Toulouse-Francazal (France) in 2017 and in Paris-Vatry in 2020, TARMAC Aerosave offers the biggest aircraft storage capacity in Europe backed up by its expertise in maintenance, transition and recycling. The four sites can accommodate up to 270 aircraft and the maintenance activity covers the main commercial platforms (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, Embraer). A dedicated engine workshop also covers the CFM56 family for both dismantling and repair. With its environmentally friendly approach TARMAC Aerosave continues to develop the most advanced dismantling and recycling techniques under its ISO 14001 certification and achieves over 90% valorisation of the remaining airframes. TARMAC Aerosave also holds ISO 9001, EN 9110, EN 9120 certifications as well as being EASA and FAA Part 145 and EASA Part 147 approved. With a strong shareholding structure (Airbus Group, Safran Group, Suez) TARMAC Aerosave has managed in 13 years to receive 1,000 aircraft, to return more than 630 aircraft to service, and dismantle 225 aircraft and 135 engines.
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