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Tarbes, 15 April 2019
TARMAC Aerosave, a subsidiary of the Airbus, Safran Aircraft Engines and Suez groups, is launching a large-scale recruitment campaign. Various technical positions are available at two sites in Tarbes and Toulouse-Francazal, France, as well as at the Teruel site in Spain. There are open positions in all three of the company’s business areas: aircraft storage, maintenance and recycling.

Strong growth for ten years running

TARMAC Aerosave, which was founded in 2007, has continuously grown in tandem with the rise in air transport and fleet renewal. In ten years, TARMAC Aerosave has hosted 700 aircraft, three-quarters of which were put back into service. The transfer of aircraft between operators has also been one of the Group’s key areas of activity.
TARMAC Aerosave, a dynamic company with a strong corporate culture and sound shareholding structure, attracts top talent in all areas of aeronautics. Today, the company has 230 employees, not including temporary workers.
Mechanics, engineers and logistics specialists

To support its growth and the development of the Tarbes, Toulouse and Teruel sites, TARMAC Aerosave is looking to hire aeronautics project managers, mechanics, engineers and logistics specialists. All offers are published on the Group’s Careers page at and are regularly updated.
“TARMAC Aerosave enjoys three advantages that bolster employees’ career development: a family feel that comes from a long tradition in the aeronautics industry in southern France and north-eastern Spain, job security thanks to its three long-time shareholders, and strong growth. This environment provides an opportunity for new employees who share our values for excellent service and quality to join our ranks,” said Laurence Etcheverry, Human Resources Director for TARMAC Aerosave.
About TARMAC Aerosave
Founded in 2007 in Tarbes (France), in 2013 in Teruel (Spain) and Toulouse-Francazal (France) in 2017, TARMAC Aerosave has the largest aircraft storage capacity in Europe, supported by EASA/FAA Part 145 expertise in aircraft maintenance and recycling. The group’s three sites can accommodate up to 300 aircraft and its maintenance activity covers the main commercial platforms (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, and Embraer). A dedicated engine workshop takes care of dismantling or repairing CFM56. With an environmentally-friendly approach, TARMAC Aerosave continues to develop advanced techniques for dismantling and recycling, recognised by ISO 14001 certification, and has achieved a recovery rate of more than 92%. TARMAC Aerosave also holds ISO 9001, EN 9110 and EN 9120 certifications and is an EASA/FAA Part-145 and EASA Part-147 approved organisation. With a solid shareholder base (Airbus Group, Safran Group and Suez), in 11 years TARMAC Aerosave has managed to accommodate more than 711 aircraft and dismantle 137 aircraft and 112 engines.
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