Alternation from COVID-19 ... good music :-)
Alternation from COVID-19 ... good music :-)
Hello everybody,

there has never been a challenge like this for our generation... COVID-19 has and will change nightlife!
We wish you and your families strength and, above all, health for this “process”.

Our DJs currently have no other option than to work on new tracks and to provide you with good music / dj mixes.

So, Niels van Gogh released his new single "Tomahawk" on May 1st! 

And here you will find a small but fine selection of DJ mixes:
Jay Frog
Classic Trance DJ Set (Video Twitch TV)
Niels van Gogh
Tomahawk Release DJ Mix (Dropbox)
DJ Lia
Jägermeister Club At Home Live (Facebook)
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