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Weiswampach, 25 February 2019

Aero-Design, an aviation-themed decoration, watchmaking and jewellery brand, has launched the Machmeter version of the Mach Watch, an exclusive watch in honour of the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s first flight. The chronograph with a dial displaying the original design of the machmeter, incorporates an authentic part of the Concorde Sierra Delta. The watch will be presented in Toulouse on 2 and 3 March 2019.
The first watch in the world with the design of a machmeter

After the success of the Airspeed model, with a dial designed from Concorde’s backup airspeed indicator and which already incorporated a piece of the aeroplane, Agnès Patrice-Crépin, co-founder of Aero-Design, is presenting an even more limited series. Only 50 copies of the Machmeter model of the Mach Watch have been produced. The dial is an identical replica of that of Concorde’s machmeter, the only civil aircraft to have this instrument.
Another exclusive point is that the watch incorporates an authentic piece of the Concorde Sierra Delta, the aircraft displayed at the French Air and Space museum at Le Bourget. "A collector gave me a part from this Concorde. He wanted Aero-Design, whose creations he loves, to make a beautiful object with it to keep the Concorde legend alive. It was when I saw the registration number that I understood that it came from the Sierra Delta, the model that held all the records!" says the designer Agnès Patrice-Crépin.
The part comes from the rear section of the wing, at the leading edge, and is stamped with the reference and date of entry into service, and found in the form of a plaque screwed to the side of the watch.
Presentation in Toulouse 2 and 3 March 2019

Aero-Design is presenting the Machmeter version of the Mach Watch in Toulouse during a special Concorde week-end: the Concorde prototype flew for the first time on 2 March 1969 in Blagnac.
On Saturday 2 March, Aero-Design is taking part in the special evening and auction organised by the Aeroscopia museum in Toulouse. The prototype of the first AirSpeed version of the Mach Watch Concorde chronograph will be up for sale on Saturday.
During the day, Aeroscopia is offering a selection of activities attended by the former staff of the Concorde programme.
On Sunday 3 March, the auction will continue at the auctioneer Labarbe’s firm. Besides the Mach Watch, Aero-Design is also offering two tables made from Concorde parts, one from a landing gear door, the other from a landing gear wheel rim.
Mach 2 Concorde wristband

To complement the 2019 Concorde collection, Aero-Design is also launching a model of its iconic Mach 2 wristband on 2 March.
First there were the Patrouille de France, French Air Force, Air France 747, and Latécoère models, and then the latest Moana model, created to support Te Mana O Te Moana, a Polynesian association. Now comes the Mach 2 Concorde version, which bears its name well.
The Mach 2 range of wristbands is inspired by aviation cables, links between the flight controls and the aeroplane rudders. The clasp is a reproduction of aviation electrical contacts.
The Mach 2 Concorde model displays the 50th anniversary logo designed by Aeroscopia and will be on sale at
Mach Watch technical characteristics:
⁃ Calibre: ETA Valjoux 7754 GMT chronograph
⁃ Functions: time (hours / minutes), seconds, day / date
⁃ Case: 316L stainless steel
⁃ Water-resistant: 10 Bars
⁃ Movement: automatic
⁃ Dial: double layered with 4 hands (GMT). Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, front and back
⁃ Power reserve: 45 hours
⁃ Watchband: silicon - 316L stainless steel strap
⁃ Luxury case
⁃ Booklet with instruction manual + guarantee card (2 years).
⁃ Airspeed Mach Watch price: 5,900€
⁃ Machmeter Mach Watch price: 7,200€
About Aero-Design
Created in 2012 by Agnès Patrice-Crépin, French private pilot, decorator and designer since 2000, and Florence Ramioul, a Belgian doctor, Aero-Design is an aviation decoration brand for individuals, companies and events. Aero-Design creations come from civil and military aircraft parts which have been restored and turned into furniture and small objects. Aero-Design has three complementary businesses: mass producing promotional items and accessories, making trophies and limited edition large-scale sculptures, and creating jewellery. In July 2012, Airbus contacted Aero-Design for a sculpture project for the launch of the new A350. Two years of hard work later, Aero-Design became the official Airbus artist and supplier. In 2017, Aero-Design opened the Aero-Design Concept Store & Gallery, a boutique and art gallery in Weiswampach, Luxembourg. In 2018 Aero-Design launched the Airspeed Mach Watch model, incorporating an authentic piece of Concorde. In 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the civil supersonic aircraft, the dial of the new limited edition (50 copies only) of the Machmeter model reproduces Concorde’s machmeter exactly. 
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