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Weiswampach, 30 January 2019

Aero-Design, a travel and aviation-themed decoration, watchmaking and jewellery brand, has launched a new version of its unisex wristband. The two friends and business partners, artist Agnès Patrice-Crépin and doctor Florence Ramioul, have this time set off on a Polynesian adventure. In partnership with the Te mana o te moana association, acting for the protection of the Polynesian marine environment, part of the bracelet sales will be donated to the sea turtle care centre in Moorea.
Each wristband has a story

Aero-Design was inspired by aviation cables, links between the flight controls and the aeroplane rudders, to design the wristband. The clasp is a reproduction of aviation electrical contacts. Besides the basic model in softened polished aviation steel, a yellow gold or white gold version with diamonds is available. Several versions have already won over aviation enthusiasts.
The Patrouille de France version is in the livery colours of the famous ambassadors of the French air force. The Air France version, launched at Christmas, incorporates a charm made from the airline’s last Boeing 747.
After meeting the veterinarian Cécile Gaspar, founder of the Te mana o te moana association, the Aero-Design duo wanted to make a special item to help protect Polynesian sea turtles.
Te mana o te moana and the sea turtle care centre

Sponsored by astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, the Te mana o te moana “ocean spirit” association, is located in the Moorea Intercontinental hotel. Its sea turtle care centre is open to the public. The centre takes in sick, injured, and mutilated turtles as well as those confiscated by the authorities; it treats the turtles before releasing them, if their condition allows it, back into their natural environment.
The association has also initiated large-scale educational activities, studies of green turtle egg-laying on Tetiaroa atoll, and other conservation programmes. More than 500 turtles requiring care have been taken in since the association was founded in 2004. The care centre has administrative authorisation and the support of the French Polynesian Department of the Environment.

The Mach 2 wristband, Moana version

The Aero-Design wristband created in honour of Polynesian fauna and flora is now available for sale. From the sale price of 95€, 20€ is donated to the Te mana o te moana association. This item of unisex jewellery, available in six sizes, is in the colours of Polynesian lagoons and displays a turtle and a tiare flower engraving.
In early January 2019, Agnès Patrice-Crépin and Florence Ramioul went to Moorea to officially launch the project and offer 100 wristbands to the association.
The wristband is available on, in the boarding lounge of Air Tetiaroa, and in boutiques in the Intercontinental Tahiti Moorea Bora Bora and The Brando hotels.
And the connection with space and aviation?

Agnès Patrice-Crépin is a private pilot. As a girl, Florence Ramioul wanted to be an airline pilot. That’s why all the brand’s creations are closely linked to aviation, most of them made from aviation parts that are then upcycled.
In the Polynesian project, besides ocean observation with the universe as background by its space sponsor Jean-François Clervoy, the aviation link is clearer. Aeroplanes are valuable for the archipelagos’ life, Jacques Brel was their greatest ambassador with Jojo, his magnificent twin-engine plane. The tiare flower, symbolic in Polynesia, clearly brings to mind a propeller, hardly surprising when you know that the first aircraft manufacturers were inspired by botany. And don’t we say that turtles fly through water?
Mach 2 wristband Moana version
Stainless steel 
95€ of which 20€ goes to the association Te mana o te moana
Distribution : and e-shops
Air Tetiaroa boarding lounge
Boutique in The Brando hotel
Boutique in the Intercontinental Tahiti Moorea Bora Bora
About Aero-Design
Created in 2012 by Agnès Patrice-Crépin, French private pilot, decorator and designer since 2000, and Florence Ramioul, a Belgian doctor, Aero-Design is an aviation decoration brand for individuals, companies and events. Aero-Design creations come from civil and military aircraft parts which have been restored and turned into furniture and small objects. Aero-Design has two other complementary businesses: mass producing promotional items and accessories and making trophies and limited edition large-scale sculptures. In July 2012, Airbus contacted Aero-Design for a sculpture project for the launch of the new A350. Two years of hard work later, Aero-Design became the official Airbus artist and supplier. In 2017, Aero-Design opened the Aero-Design Concept Store & Gallery, a boutique and art gallery in Weiswampach, Luxembourg.
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