Resources to Help You
Stay Connected to Your Skaters

During these times of uncertainty, one thing is certain — we all miss the ice!

Skaters and coaches take to the ice for many reasons and to express many aspects of their being — emotion, strength, artistry and more — so when the ice isn't available, it's like a part of us is missing.

Skating lessons challenge skaters physically and mentally, and the one-on-one interactions with coaches sometimes transcend the sport into life lessons that carry into skaters' schools, homes and beyond.

With routines severely disrupted and the ice taken away at this time, it is especially important for coaches to stay connected to their students. One thing we can do is encourage skaters to participate in off-ice activities that complement their skating training while providing some much-needed structure to their days. These activities can include specific jump and spin technique exercises, general training in flexibility, strength and core stability, and even focusing on nutrition by finding and preparing healthy recipes!

Below are some off-ice resources to help you stay connected to your skaters and/or hockey players:

General Off-Ice Skating Exercises:
Birmingham Figure Skating Club off-ice training plan from Coach Emily Sanders

“Getting the Edge” by Choreographer Phillip Mills

Building Functional Balance for Figure Skaters


Figure Skating Workout: Train Like an Olympian

Ice Coach Online Tips to Improve Spirals

SofaBar Workout for Figure Skaters

Quick Off-Ice Warm-Up Routine from Coach Michelle Hong

Off-Ice Jumps
Coach Mary Figure Skating Tutorials – Off-Ice Figure Skating Jumps

Off-Ice Spins
Sparkle Skater Off-Ice Spin Exercises

Facebook Page

How to PIC Skate | Twizzle | Ice Dance

PIC Skate vs Figure Skating | Spins | Axel | Double Loop

Girls 4 Hockey Weekly Video Drills

How Connor McDavid Trains — Stickhandling Drills

Hockey Training.Com Videos

Suggested Meal Plan for Figure Skaters

The Real-Life Diet of Adam Rippon

Michelle Kwan’s Instagram (cooking and exercise videos)

Brian Boitano’s Recipes (and cookbook)

Healthy Food Ideas for Hockey Players