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Have you ever heard of the adaptability quotient? It is the ability to adapt to different contexts, trying to achieve a better or more evolved outcome. It seems that the quotient of adaptability, more than that of intelligence, will become the real key to success in this constantly changing world. The extraordinary (understood as out of the ordinary) year 2020 has boosted this specific capacity in every possible way, don’t you agree?
We talked about it during our last team meeting of the year on December 17 - during which we had to adapt by organizing our usual end-of-year meeting online, although we wanted to see each other and close the year with a cheerful pre-Christmas lunch! The publishing business seems to have adapted to this new global context in the latest months, especially with regard to the methods of use and purchase. Have you read the latest survey by the Centro per il libro e la lettura (Cepell) and the Italian Publishers Association (AIE)? During the lockdown, the number of Italians who started buying online grew exponentially, as well as the number of readers. But the most interesting data it's about the 30% increase in the purchase of ebooks, with a growth of five percentage points compared to 2019, and the purchase of audiobooks that reached 12%, with a growth of two percentage points compared to last year.
In digital terms, the global numbers are increasing: in the UK, digital book sales are expected to reach an all-time high this year with +17% for ebooks and +42% for audiobooks. Sales growth in the United States has been steady since April 2020. In France, 8% of readers have tried one or more new formats of editorial access in recent months. In Sweden, ebook reading grew by 75%.
These numbers can no longer be ignored. Will publishers be able to take advantage of their adaptability quotient to respond to the rapid evolution of reading modes?
Let's move to our columns.
Notebook from the editorial office
  • As we mentioned, last Thursday, 17 December, we gathered virtually for our last team meeting of 2020. We shared, as we do every quarter, the company's results and took stock of the many activities in progress. Then we focused on the prospects for 2021 with a long checklist. The next three months will be bursting with new features, new tools and new content. We have so many good plans for the new year!
  • During the last few weeks, we have been working on the review and development of a whole series of informational tools, such as the FAQs, for example, that will guide you through the new StreetLib ecosystem (coming soon!). We hope you'll like it, so feel free to send us feedback if you wish!
 Spoiler alert!
  • A revolution is fast approaching and we’d like to talk about this historic turning-point! We’re working to improve how catalogues are loaded and managed. Unfortunately, we can't tell you anything else at the moment but trust us, it will be a memorable event!
  • We'll say goodbye to 2020 with a lesson learned: Digital doesn't only affect the transformation of formats and contents but also of processes. Based on this assumption, we want you to know that many new and useful distribution-related tools are coming, and they are designed to support publishers and self-publishers to manage their increasingly smart and digital businesses.
  • And we’ll soon be adding a new format to our service. In addition to the three already known - paper, ebook, and audiobook – we’re about to add a fourth, what will it be?
 StreetLib International
  • Inspired by an article that appeared on the pages of Publishing Perspectives, dedicated to selling books in the United States in 2020, our chief editor Mark Williams gave us a beautiful, and at times provocative, analysis of the real impact of the pandemic on the publishing sector, as well as some insights on how the different editorial formats affect reading in present and future times. You can read it on TNPS.
  • The new data provided by OverDrive tells us that 2020 will set a record for the number of ebook and audiobook loans in libraries: 366 million checkouts with an increase of 30% compared to 2019! If you want to know more, you can find the article by Mark Williams here.
As always, we'd like to share some interesting links with you as well as sending you our best wishes for a happy New Year!
My name is Giuseppina Pascuzzo but no one uses my first name - to most people I'm either Giusi or Pina. I’ll look forward to meeting you once a month between the lines of this newsletter and a bit more frequently between the articles of the new StreetLib blog.
If you have any questions, please contact me at
Warm regards!
Giuseppina Pascuzzo - Communication Manager StreetLib

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