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Welcome to the second edition of StreetLib Notes, it's nice to see you again.
Today's letter will be packed with information, so we’ll get straight to the point. First, a quick update: we’ve decided to extend our Black Friday for a few more days. You can now take advantage of our 15% discount on Ready‘s publishing services until December 8. In addition, something new has landed on our e-commerce platform; we'll tell you about it in a bit.
Notebook from the editorial office
  • Have you had the opportunity to test the new features of Write, our online tool to create ebooks and professional paper books? For paper editions, we have expanded customization options to allow you to format the text in more ways, and thanks to the new “extract” function, you can download a test chapter of your book (without consuming any credit) and see a preview of the final work. As for the making of the ebook cover, you can now download the file in jpeg format. Finally, only for Premium and Unlimited plans, there is the new FXL importer: you can import your PDFs by setting different resolution levels to obtain a better result.
  • Inspired by a request from our community, and by the upcoming holiday season, we created the Ready Gift Cards. A unique way to donate an editorial service to that special person writing and publishing their new book. The gift cards are easy to give and above all, fantastic and useful to receive!
  • And not only gift cards; the new consulting service for the online promotion of your books that you can find under Promotion is now available on Ready. It allows you to choose an expert that will help you with the evaluation and setup of metadata and keywords. You will receive a personalized strategic plan with all the instructions to set up your online advertising campaigns. At the end of the consultation, you can even choose to entrust the entire management of your campaigns to our expert.
  • Do you remember the spoiler about the new agreement with the Italian Publishers Association? Well, it's finally coming true. All associate members will benefit from a special 20% discount on the purchase of our publishing services, and the possibility to receive flexible and personalized commercial offers on Digital Distribution Services. So much stuff!
 Spoiler alert!
  • Good news coming on the analytics and dashboard side. For now, we can tell you that the new dashboard will bring the same style as our mobile app to the desktop - have you downloaded it yet?
  • Do you remember our digital reading app StreetLib Read? You may hear about it again in the coming months.
 StreetLib International
  • This year, the eighth edition of the FutureBook has adapted its format to comply with the new Covid emergency standards, so it turned into an online event. From 16-20 November, we discussed the present and the future of publishing, starting from an obvious assumption: it's time to question everything. Resilience, sustainability, diversity of formats, and modes of use must be the new keys to try to overcome the global crisis that is affecting the entire sector. We couldn’t agree more.
  • The memoir of the former US President Barack Obama, A promised land, seems to be destined to become the discussed book of the year. There are two reasons: on the day of its release, Tuesday 17 November, the book sold nearly 890.000 copies in the United States and Canada (including paper, audiobook, and ebook), beating any previous records among presidents' memoirs; but despite these numbers, the Swedish publishing house Albert Bonnier announced that the audiobook of Obama's biography won't be published in Sweden. Why is that? If you want to know more, our Editor-in-Chief Mark Williams will tell you everything about it on TNPS.
  • For the first time in the history of the IPA, two women will lead the International Publishers Association. From January 2021, Bodour Al Qasimi will serve as president alongside Karine Pansa as vice president. This news made us beam here in the office! In her speech, which arrived immediately after the official appointment, Bodour Al Qasimi spoke about the covid crisis as an opportunity for the entire publishing industry: 'we need to stop and hit the reset button, then start again with new goals and wider points of view'. Do you want to delve into this subject? We loved the entire video and we’d like to share it with you.
We’ll greet you with an interesting link
  • By scanning news about the global publishing market, we decided to take a deeper look into the interesting matter of quality in publishing. You can read about our point of view on our blog!
My name is Giuseppina Pascuzzo but no one uses my first name - to most people I'm either Giusi or Pina. I’ll look forward to meeting you once a month between the lines of this newsletter and a bit more frequently between the articles of the new StreetLib blog.
If you have any questions, please contact me at
Warm regards!
Giuseppina Pascuzzo - Communication Manager StreetLib

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