What's up Europe ?
Probably a lot : new Parliament, new Commission, the framework for the next 5 years is slowly coming up !
All across the continent, citizens' expectations are high : for the first time in 20 years, the electoral turnout was raising, from 42% to 51% ! But it also means that half voters abstained from this major event of our democratic life. This gives even more meaning to our mission : european cooperation to find local solution for global issues. And after the summer break, once again we're back with even more projects on youth mobility, european citizenship and social inclusion. Find it out !
Cool kids want to build drones … abroad !
Mixing the world of geek start-uppers with the world of vocational students through Erasmus+ : check  
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Europe, the Youth and the Critical Mind
Let us tell you a few words about the youth debate summit we took part in a few months ago 
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IMAJINA project : on the road to Germany
16 local NEETs went to Germany for internships … And eventually found themselves !
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Keep me safe project : acting against sexual abuse
1 in 5 children is victim of sexual abuse in Europe, it’s time to do something about it !
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Throwing the dice in Palermo
5 days seminar in Italy to work on migrants inclusion issues
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GUIDE 2.0 : working on labour market access
We have solutions to lower barriers to employment, and we share it online !
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European News
Civil Society Prize
Are you working on women empowerment and gender equality ? You may deserve this prize !
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The European Youth Event comes back in May 2020
You can already apply to propose activities and get funding to send a group !
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Spinelli Prize Edition 2019
European Commission will reward 16 projects spreading better knowledge on Europe with 25 000€ ! Find more
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