StreetLib Notes, our new monthly newsletter
This is not a new service, not a new promo, but the first issue of our unprecedented newsletter: StreetLib Notes!
We imagined this new project as a real editorial notebook, with an informal tone and a unanimous voice through which we’ll keep you updated on everything that happens behind the scenes in our busy editorial offices, scattered throughout Italy and the rest of the world.
Besides the offstage story, what else can you expect to find in StreetLib Notes?
  •  Communications and various ideas from the publishing world
  • Previews, updates and news about our platform, exclusively for those on our mailing list
  • The latest posts from our new blog (as you can see, the news isn’t only about this newsletter!)
When will you receive StreetLib Notes?
Once a month, precisely at the end of the month.
Why do you receive our emails?
Because you are one of the 142,000 people who populate this community that is made up of followers from all around the world - exactly as our editorial staff operates globally.
Ready to read chapter one?
Notebook from the editorial office
  • On September 29th we held our annual Team Meeting. The year 2020 has been particularly intense, from many perspectives, and we felt the need to see each other and take time to review the situation whilst sharing our ideas about the future.
    We have tried to imagine how we want StreetLib to be in the next few years: an increasingly functional and integrated platform, ready to host any type of editorial format. We are working hard in this direction: fingers crossed!
  • Customer support is and will be, even more, one of our benchmarks. During the last months, we expanded our team and managed to reduce waiting times up to 24/48 hours. What’s the next target? Providing you with all the assistance you need as quickly as possible!
  • Our new StreetLib App has been available in all online stores for just over a month; it is designed to bring all the features of our platform to mobile devices so you can monitor your activity anytime, anywhere. Have you downloaded it yet? Here you can find the links to download it on Google Play Store and App Store (iOS).
 Spoiler alert!
  • The work on StreetLib Write, our complete service to help you with the production of paper books and digital editions, continues! From subscription plans to a new user interface, followed by the editor function for your digital covers, and new features for the automatic “reflowable” conversion of pdf files, and integrated publication: all coming soon. Stay tuned!
  • We know that promotion and marketing are very important in the publishing world and that's why we are now close to launching a new service. For now we can only reveal the name: StreetLib Direct!
  • We are also particularly proud to announce a new affiliation with the Italian Publishers Association, that is almost ready to launch. We can't wait to tell you about it!
 StreetLib International
Do you know TNPS? It is one of our most appreciated international projects and is followed by the top professionals in the sector.
  • On October 13th, StreetLib and TNPS were media sponsors of the first edition of ReBoot, a new digital format dedicated to the world of international publishing, organized in conjunction with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Frankfurt book fair.
  • This year and for the first time, the Buchmesse was held virtually, a “Special Edition" version that we couldn't miss for the world! We took part (via Zoom) in the crowded “4th International Publishing Distribution Forum” organized by the IPDA (International Publishing Distribution Association) where we were given the opportunity to meet representatives from many different Publishing Houses from all over the world.
We’ll greet you with an interesting link
  • This video by the Israeli author David Grossman was shown during the opening ceremony of the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020, and we loved it so much that we’d like to share it with you.
 Scusami, non ci siamo ancora presentati!
Now that I've presented you with the new StreetLib Notes, I'd like to introduce myself!
My name is Giuseppina Pascuzzo but no one uses my first name - to most people I'm either Giusi or Pina. I’ll look forward to meeting you once a month between the lines of this newsletter and a bit more frequently between the articles of the new StreetLib blog.
If you have any questions, please contact me at
Warm regards!
Giuseppina Pascuzzo - Communication Manager StreetLib

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