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Bon weekend from chilly France...
Hope you had a great week.
Can you believe, we had more chickens hatch this week. It’s only five weeks until Christmas, it’s freezing cold here in rural northern France, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when Barbara Streisand came plodding down the garden path with four fluffy babies early one very frosty morning this week. She’s a feisty old chicken is Babs and very vocal. When she wants food she makes a strange cooing sound which sounds like her namesake singing “I am a woman in love”! Anyway, her job done, Ms Streisand waddled back into the garden leaving me with the kids. They’re now living in the house in a cage with Joan Crawford’s abandoned babies Gina and Lucky. Sometimes I wonder how my life has become quite so odd.

Meanwhile the Bread Man who delivers fresh bread to our hamlet three times a week has been continuing to practice his English language skills on me. He is very earnest about it but is learning English from his teenage daughter who is supplementing her school lessons by watching American and British TV Shows. On Thursday he asked me “Nadia” (his daughter) “wants to know, what is sucks?”

“Pardon?” I said warily thinking what has she been watching.

“Nadia says Buffy the Vampire Slayer says sucks a lot”.


“It’s when you’re not happy with something, you say it sucks” I said. “Like if you leave the bread in the oven too long and the baguette is burned, you could say that sucks” I added looking down at my dark brown and very crispy baguette.

“Ah merci” he said chuckling as he got into his van to drive off to Madame Bernadette waiting impatiently for her bread at the gate of her little cottage down the bottom of the hill. I could hear him mumbling “ze brrrread sucks” as he went. I really hope he doesn’t have too many English speaking customers on his round.
Wherever you are, whatever you have planned, I wish you a very bon weekend…

Best wishes and bisous from chilly France... 
ps I missed chatting to you last week but I’ve got my head down, busy writing and for a short while, I’ll be writing a newsletter every other week. There's tons of new stuff on the website, it goes on daily so feel free to check in and read our fabulous features. 

pps Don’t forget to follow on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter where I’ll be posting an advent calendar picture every day to get you in the festive mood – coming up very soon!
The ultimate guide to Christmas in France 2019
There’s nothing quite as festive and fun as an authentic Christmas break in France. Wandering along charming squares and frosty cobbled streets where the breath-taking ancient architecture of historic cities provides the perfect backdrop for the twinkling Christmas lights in December is magical. Warming up with mulled wine or chocolat chaud & indulging in French cuisine - irresistible! Check out with our ultimate guide to Christmas in France 2019.
Best Women only tour of Provence
Join a truly fabulous women only tour of Provence and walk in the footsteps of iconic post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. Immerse yourself in the local culture, indulge in fabulous French cuisine, discover some of the most beautiful places in the world and stay in a magnificent hotel in St Remy-de Provence. And tour host Doni Belau says if you book before 31/12/2019, she will apply a $200 discount (for any of her tours). Just use the code GOODLIFEFRANCE... 
Best things to do in Paris in Winter
Winter is a great time to visit Paris, the crowds are thin (except at Christmas), the cobbled streets on the hill of Montmartre glisten with frost and the city of light is as vibrant and bustling as ever. Any time of the year, this is a city you should wander. But in winter in Paris, it’s the perfect season to stroll wrapped up well and warming up with plenty of hot chocolate breaks! In fact it’s one of the best things to do! Read on for the very best things to do in Paris when it's cold!
An incredible chateau holiday home in Dordogne
Live your very own fairy tale in Dordogne when you stay at the 500 year old Chateau de Sadillac – it’s the perfect place for you to celebrate a special occasion. The Chateau, which sleeps 15, is a perfect base to discover the Dordogne from – and a great place for families and friends to get together. With so many facilities and so much to see and do in the area, no one will want to leave! Mention The Good Life France and get 5% off if you book before 31/12/2019...
What to see in Roubaix northern France
A once thriving textile town, Roubaix has undergone enormous change as the world of industrial output has shifted. No longer a powerhouse of production, Roubaix suffered a deep recession. But the city has undergone a seismic shift in recent years to become a major destination for art and culture lovers.Seriously - don't miss it!
Get your French property ready for winter
If you've got a home in France and you won't be there for winter, make sure you're prepared and ready for the big chill with these practical tips. No one wants burst pipes to have to deal with, especially when it's avoidable. These tips will help you prepare both inside and out so that when the cold hits, your home will weather it. 
My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream - ebook, print and audio, free on Kindle Unlimited (UK) ...
5 Stars: Thoroughly enjoyed.I openly admit to loving books about expats setting up home in France. It's not that this memoir presents a smooth, breezy ride through relocation and renovation, it's more that the honest and at times raw recounting of the whole process left me breathless. Imagine dirt floors, freezing winters and a badly behaved septic tank and you get some idea of the horrors the old barn presented to its new owners. The author's bleak battle with the elements, a rather smelly sheep and a fickle electricity supply is delightfully counter-balanced with impressions of French life, customs, neighbours, food and of course wine. Perfect..
Elizabeth Moore Amazon Australia
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Review of Le Glitch by Philip Ogley
If you are looking for a book about ‘real’ French life, told from an unusual angle, and which will have you laughing your socks off, then this is the book for you says our book reviewer!  "I found this an absolutely un-putdown-able story, one where the characters really came to life, and the plot is full of twists and turns. Whether you are looking for a book about ‘real’ France, French country life and traditions, an adventure, or even a romance, then this is the book for you."
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The Good Life France Magazine Autumn/Winter 2019
The Autumn Winter issue of The Good Life France Magazine brings you the best of France - full length features on Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Montpellier, Boulogne, Le Havre, the Dordogne, the French Alps and loads more. Delicious recipes, brilliant guides - don't miss this jam-packed issue - it's the next best thing to being in France...
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