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The come back of frozen salty foods: 
In decline for years (-1% over 9 years), the frozen savoury food market in SM & HM has fully benefited from the lockdown... read more
Soft drinks, less but better: 
 With a turnover of €458M (+1,9%) in 2019, the soft drinks market remains very dynamic and innovative. Indeed, main... read more
Covid-19: who are the winners ?
 The online grocery shops: No fewer than 7.4 million households have bought a grocery product online at least once a month... read more
SIAL Webinar “How to make the most of SIAL Paris 2020? ” – 26 May 2020
Together with our Ukrainian partners, Dmytro Kushnir and Iryna Tsoukanova, we had the pleasure to run a second webinar this time focusing on SIAL Paris 2020, which will be maintained from 18 to 22 October. As one of the main (and huge!) international exhibition for the Food&Drink industry, it is essential for overseas SMEs to prepare well in advance, adopt the right sales speech when on the stand and meeting with prospects, and most importantly to ensure a follow up without waiting too long after the show. 
The Little Rainbow Book of Recipes
The team has been so proud to take part in this great initiative launched and managed by our partner in the UK, Visionary Food Solutions.
Founders of UK food & drink brands have come together with industry experts to create a compilation of 71 personal recipes. This book showcases a large variety of recipes, meat based, vegan, drinks, sweet treats, with an aim to raise funds for the NHS with all profits going to the NHS Charities Together.
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If you want more information about the Food & Feed markets in France, you can contact our Business Development Manager, Nathalie Lopez-Granier,
at  💻 nathalie.lopez@sutralis.com or 📞 +33 (0)6 58 50 92 82.
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