The February newsletter of CyberFactory#1 with updates from the project, two papers and an event invitation.
CyberFactory#1 - February Edition
Dear reader,
the most presentable result of the last strategic meeting of CyberFactory#1 at the end of January in Oulu (Finland) is definitely the group picture above. Besides the testing of our photogenic qualities, we have been working intensely together on strengthing the collaboration and links between the indvidual contributions of partners. Future project results can be expected in the next weeks and months. You can read about everything else we have been doing in the first year of CyberFactory#1 in the latest news post. Concurrently, the project passed successfully its one-year ITEA review in Oulu.  
However, attendees in particular from the Mediterranean suggested that returning to the North of Finland in the summer sounds great but for the next winter meeting a location with somewhat warmer temperatures and more light might be preferable ;-).
Beyond this, we have in this newsletter edition our second blog post about new business models in the the factory of the future ecosystem by João Mourinho & Américo Nascimento of Sistrade, the task leader of 2.1 "New Business Models Definition". Further reading material is provided to you in the version of a conference paper by partners at VTT considering the security threats of the factory of the future supply chain. Lastly, we have an event invitation for everyone in Berlin on February 18th on "Cyber Intermediaries: Private Entities Effect on National and International Cybersecurity". 
Yours sincerely,
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New business models for the creation of value in the factory of the future
In this second blog post, Américo Nascimento and João Mourinho from one of our Portugese partners Sistrade write about new possible business models in the ecosystem of the Factory of the Future. 
Conference paper 
This conference paper by our project partners Jukka Hemilä, Markku Mikkola & Jarno Salonen from VTT in Finland explores how to manage the cyber security threats of the Factory of the Future supply chain. Get access here to the full paper. 
One year of CyberFactory#1
CyberFactory#1 has been running now over a year. Read here more about the achievments of the first year and what can be expected during the course of 2020. 
Invitation "Cyber Intermediaries: Private Entities Effect on National and International Cybersecurity"
If you happen to be in Berlin on February 18th, 2020, we invite you cordially to a lunch seminar on "Cyber Intermediaries: Private Entities Effect on National and International Cybersecurity" with Dr. Amit Sheniak of the Hebrew University Cyber Security Research Center (HCSRC) - organized by the Brandenburg Institute of Society and Security. 
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