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Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I bet you need gas mask and filter,
probably some boots too.
xoxo Manca
Scott M95
Professional military respirator with option of left or right side filter mount. Comes with a speech membrane. 
Surplus item but in like-new condition.
Fully functional.
P3 filter
A factory new P3 filter for standard 40mm thread (most modern gas masks).
It's reusable and features the highest rating for particle filtration (FFP3)
SALOMON pre-order
Our goal is to bring more tactical footware to our website. SALOMON shoes are the first step to that goal. You can preorder them now.

You get 15% discount but the catch is, you have to wait a bit longer to get them.

We are accepting preorders until 1st of June, then the price will go back to normal.
Striker X Combat Pants
Designed to meet the demands of military special-forces units.
Now also available in flecktarn camouflage pattern.
M-lok handguard for M70
We have received new M-LOK handguards from TDI Arms.
Fits Zastava M70 models (yugo AKs), made from aluminum.
New products
If you are interested in new listings on our webstore you can click on thi picture and see them all in one category. This week we are hoping to receive some new AK and Vz58 accessories. Maybe also some H&K G3 parts and AR components.
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