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EDDA is a European association which represents think-tanks, civil society organizations and experts focusing on digital policies and digital tranformation.
Institute of Innovative Governance, Brussels and Estonian-based organisation, is co-founding European Digital Development Alliance to provide a platform for better cooperation on common projects and making applications for Horizon and other EU grants.
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“Evidence of 6,700 so-called “bad actors” posting enough content to reach up to 241 million users was discovered by researchers examining the scale of the threat”. - one of way to influence EU elections.
EU: GDPR, first year on
This year on 25th of May widely known General Data Protection Regulation celebrates its one year of application. Figures and comments were launched.
Consumers will pay maximum amount of 19 cents per minute if they are calling from their country to another EU country. The new rules for international calls tackle large price discrepancies that previously existed between Member States.
The initiative was launched to promote blockchain technology application. The initiative, themed “Can blockchain technology transform the service sector,” was aimed at educating students from different institutions on blockchain and other technologies.
The Moroccan government makes steps to digitise the agricultural sector to increase crop production and cope with a drought that has affected the country in recent years.
Uganda: A smart city experiment
Kampala is set to become Uganda's first smart city. With the project cost estimated at $15m, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is pioneering the smart city agenda in Uganda.
India: Centre for Smart Governance
Karnataka established a Centre for Smart Governance (CSG) which will become the State government’s own Software Development Centre. The CSG will be involved in the development of software applications and allied activities for various e-governance projects in the State.
E-commerce in Spain increased on 17% in 2018, it was worth 27.96 billion euros. In 2019 the growth of 20 percent is expected, which would mean e-commerce in Spain will be worth 33.56 billion euros.
Ghanaian B2B e-commerce platform Frikmat has begun operations. This platform was designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses to reach international markets.
According to a recent press release, Vietnam’s Future Digital Economy is part of the Australian Government’s Aus4Innovation program, which is an AU$ 10million strategic initiative designed to strengthen links between the Australian and Vietnamese innovation systems.
This initiative is to support women involved in e-commerce in developing countries. Main features of the initiative are following: collecting, nurturing and showcasing the experiences of successful women leaders, providing them with opportunities to network.
India: New Defence Cyber Agency
The formation of the Defence Cyber Agency, is supposedly meant to combat the current threat of foreign hackers from nations such as China or Pakistan, who could attack India’s digital infrastructure using Cyber warfare.
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Trends and developments in Artificial Intelligence
Standards landscaping and GAP analysis on the safety of autonomous robots controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Future tender on 60 000 EUR
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