Creative Journaling Ideas, Sandhill Crane Field Trip, and Wild Wonder Special Gifts
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November 2019 Nature Journal News
November Nature Journal Workshop: Level Up Your Nature Journal
November 12-15, various locations
Over the last year, my eyes have opened to exciting new ways that we can use our nature journals. It starts with observation and wonder, then moves onto the page with words pictures and numbers, and then opens up to  a fun and creative range of possibilities. (Thanks to Nature Journal Club member Akshay Mahajan for the sample from his journal shown here.) In this class, we will broaden your horizons of what you can do on a journal page, give you a list of new and playful elements to include, tools to explore mysteries, projects to jumpstart creative exploration, strategies to sharpen aspects of your journal work, and lots of examples that will make you say “wow,” and then “I can do that, too!” All ages and experience levels are welcome. No registration necessary, $20 suggested donation.
November Event Calendar
Nature Journal Club Field Trip:
Sandhill Cranes
Sunday, November 24, 10am-4pm (or later)
Prepare yourself for a primeval experience. Join the Nature Journal Club for a field trip to the Sacramento Valley to draw and study the Sandhill Cranes that migrate to the area for the winter. We will meet at the Cosumnes River Preserve and explore wetlands through the morning. In the afternoon we will head to Statten Island Road to watch the fly-in of vast numbers of cranes before nightfall. Though the program ends at 4:00 PM, sunset will be at 4:53 PM, and this is often a magical time with the cranes. Consider leaving yourself a little wiggle room in your schedule should you want to stay and sketch a little more. If you need a few tips on drawing cranes before you go, please visit the event page below for links to a video and blog posts with drawing tips. The program is open to all ages and ability levels. No registration necessary. $20 suggested donation. Click below for details and directions.
November Field Trip Details
Nature Journaling Tip: Add Poetry to Your Pages with Haiku
Some people get intimidated when trying to write a poem. One idea is to start small, very small, and try writing a haiku. A haiku is like a landscapito--a tiny, little picture painted with words. Because it is so short, you can write one in just a minute or two. It is a fun element to add to your journal page to capture a moment, a feeling, a smell, an image, a sound, your mood, or some other detail from your nature time. The first line is just 5 syllables, the second line is 7 syllables, and the last line is 5 syllables. These rules are fun to play by if you like, but you can also write what I call a "My-ku," by which I mean a haiku-like short poem, but one that doesn't strictly follow the syllable rules. Give it a try in your journal--it is fun! Here is a haiku I wrote recently:
Haiku are awesome!
You can find them everywhere.
Sit down and write one.
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