Your weekly top 10 (focus on food)
Welcome to our weekly curated list of "articles" we enjoyed reading.
The health crisis spares almost no one, but the food sector has its winners & losers. Enjoy the read.
Les Marques De Restaurants Virtuels Se Régalent Pendant La Crise
Grâce au confinement, les marques de restaurants virtuels cartonnent sur les plateformes de livraison de repas à domicile comme Uber Eats ou Deliveroo.
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Une Caméra Intelligente Pour Aider Les Restaurants À Survivre
Dragontail Systems, une entreprise qui élabore des outils technologiques pour les restaurants, peut offrir aux restaurants une autre façon de garantir cette sécurité à leurs clients.
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The online food trade, big winner of the crisis?
Containment, imposed by the authorities of most European countries to stem the spread of the coronavirus, has changed the habits of many consumers.
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Online food startups sizzling — but for how long?
Europeans are ordering food online like never before.
Kolonial even started delivering orders in the middle of the night.
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Malgré le soutien financier d'Amazon, Deliveroo taille dans ses effectifs
La licorne britannique, durement touchée par la crise sanitaire actuellement en cours, cherche à réduire ses coûts sur le long terme.
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Now is the time to invest in FoodTech
Many retail companies, including the biggest brands, were in bad need of innovation before the crisis. Now they need it more than ever...
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Food tech startup Deliverect raises €16.25M, to open office in Paris and expand in North America
They saw growth in the business, even in these extraordinary times and also saw that Deliverect is snowballing, so to build further, everyone decided to hold their nerve and make this round happen.
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Phytoponics closes £500k equity financing round
Phytoponics, which specialises in the design, development and supply of Deep Water Culture systems for large scale sustainable hydroponic crop production has completed a £500,000 equity financing round.
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FoodTech recap: startups and COVID-19
We can’t tell what the world will look like with certainty (my crystal ball remains foggy). We can however be sure that COVID-19 and its short-term consequences will accelerate and reorient some trends we were already observing. Here are two examples:
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Locked-down consumers turn back to processed foods
Coronavirus lockdowns have given a boost to the global sales of processed food brands that consumers had previously been avoiding in favour of fresher and healthier alternatives, according to figures on Thursday from two leading consumer goods groups.
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