Hi Friends,
I hope this message finds you safe and well. I'm not entirely sure what day it is but I do know it's a great day to read a book! In this time of social distancing, books have been a way to stay connected with friends. There is nothing "new" to share because we are all sitting at home, scrolling on Twitter, planning on making bread but actually making a box of mac and cheese. Books give us something to talk about other than how we are doing. Personally, I just stopped asking people. Ilana Glazer shared a screenshot from an episode of Broad City and I think of it any time I want to ask someone how they are doing:
We're all doing the best we can - and that's ok! Stay safe and stay connected. We will get through this together. In the meantime, we have a few more book recommendations and a featured indie with a particularly spicy book order option!
Recommended Reading
Yee Haw
This ain't your typical rodeo:
a novel by Colin Winnette
Brooke and Sugar are killers. Bird is the boy who mysteriously woke beside them while between towns. For miles, there is only desert and wilderness, and along the fringes, people.
The Drop Edge of Yonder
a novel by Rudolph Wurlitzer
"The most hallucinogenic Western you'll ever catch in the movie house of your mind's eye."
a novel by Melanie Finn
"A musk of sex and menace soaks three narrative strands, expertly braided... Finn writes with a phrasing flare on par with Lauren Goff’s... Her curiosity and dread drive the novel and move her toward a terrifying denouement... Finn puts her readers on the knife’s edge."
—Kirkus Reviews, starred
Psst! you can score both of Melanie Finn's books with our Double Exposure sale.
Featured Indie
Deep Vellum Books
Dallas, TX
Deep Vellum started as a nonprofit indie book publisher dedicated to translating the world’s best novels into English for American audiences before opening a brick and mortar in 2018. Deep Vellum is an independent bookstore, coffeeshop, literary discussion, and arts venue deep in the heart of Dallas' historic Deep Ellum neighborhood. They curate a selection beyond mainstream bestsellers and shine a light on small and independent publishers and on writers of color, from the LGBTQIA community, and from feminist perspectives. In addition to ordering online, you can also order a book through their *book hotline* (say whaaaaaat!). That's right, you can talk to a real person and get a book recommendation. The hotline also offers your daily horiscope, unsolicited life advice, compliments catered to your personality type, and Cristina's thoughts on why Jessica from Love is Blind is trash. Just call or text Cristina at 972-638-7741. We have known Cristina for a while now and she is a kickass bookseller and human. If you're craving even more social interaction, you can join Deep Vellum's book club, Book Cult. Follow Deep Vellum on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates.  
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