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Take that, Coronavirus!
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I hope the picture inspires you to continue the good fight against this malicious virus. Personally, I am using laughter as a coping mechanism. If you like, please join me on my Facebook page where I post funny memes aside from feature stories to ease the days in isolation. 
If you're planning to read more during these strange times, check out Smashwords' "Authors Give Back" Sale. A few of my titles have crashed in price at 60% off. The promotion has started and runs through 20, April. You can find my books here: Khaled Talib Smashwords.
 Author Carmen Amato is having a tie-in for her upcoming mystery novel. It is based on the Detective Emilia Cruz police series in Acapulco as she goes undercover as a taxi driver. She has asked me to contribute to a Terrible Taxi ride story under the hashtag "TerribleTaxiTuesday", which I have. Expect to read my real-life account on 31, March on her social media pages. You can learn more about her at Carmen Amato 
I finished reading Lisa Mason's moving novel, Summer of Love. I highly recommend this beautiful novel. A mashed-up story that combines Sci-Fi and literature. The story takes you back in time to 1969 Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, following a visit by a time traveler. Janis Joplin makes an appearance. If you're interested to read my review, check out my Goodreads link. 
 Author, Cheryl K. Tardiff (who happens to be the first publisher of my thriller, Gun Kiss), is responding to the coronavirus and self-quarantines by offering her Kindle edition ebooks at $0.99. Here's her Amazon link: Cheryl Kaye Tardiff. Amazon won't allow Cheryl to give out her books for free, but if you need to tighten your belt, she has made it Free on Smashwords. Here's the link: Free on Smashwords. 
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  "No one can truly know all that lies ahead. Trust in the mystery." - Bronnie Ware.  
My Books
A lifestyle reporter in Singapore becomes a scapegoat in a plot to assassinate the Israeli prime minister during a diplomatic visit
The Pope is missing. Three specialists are tasked by a secret organization to find him. A treacherous search across several borders. Five-Stars Readers Favorite.
Gun Kiss
Iraq-vet Blake Deco saves a beautiful Hollywood movie star abducted by an obsessed Mexican drug lord. He mustnow bare the consequences.
Upcoming novel features Laurence Turner, a former pharmacist from Sydney, Australia who gets entangled in the world of espionage that begins at a winery.
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