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News You NEED to Know 
  • ASHT AGM was held on May 24th and the following executive board positions were accepted by acclimation:
    • Colette Stamp has agreed to offer her talents as board secretary for an additional 2-year term.
    • Kandis Boyd has offered to serve as the ASHT board chair for her first 2-year term taking over from Shannon Mauro who served for 3 years.
    • Minutes from the AGM are located here.
  • We are hosting a virtual recital for our athletes and the full information is below.
  • NEW PROGRAM this Fall - We have decided to add a new program as part of our pre classes this Fall.  It will be coach recommended and will offer some of our more advanced pre athletes a chance for extra training in both group and individual events.  For more of an idea of how all our programs work, please see our flow chart here.  
  • Registration for the 2020/21 season is delayed this year due to COVID -19 and will be sent out towards the end of June.  Please watch for that information coming via email from our registrar.
  • Online virtual classes will continue through the month of June with the pre classes final class on June 23rd and the competitive classes to end June 24th.
  • Bingos and Casinos for ABTA and Central Regions are currently on hold due to COVID-19, as soon as more information is known about a return to this volunteering opportunity we will let everyone know.
  • Tentative fee schedules have been completed for the upcoming season.  Please keep in mind the club has been very conservative in our calculations and if we are able to lower monthly fees as registration evolves we will.  Find the tentative fee schedule here.  
Coaches Corner
The last few months have been difficult to say the least. With practices and competitions being cancelled, it was disheartening not seeing our baton family and missing out on achieving some of the goals that had been set. I am proud of the hard work and dedication I’ve seen during our virtual classes. Keep it up throughout the summer and I hope to see you all in September for the new season!

We are also featuring a 'Trick of the Month' each newsletter and hope that each of our athletes (pre included) will attempt some variation of this trick. You can find a video of June's trick of the month by clicking the button below.  
This month I am asking you to work on longarm roll variations.  I was inspired by Pascal Dumas from France (check out video here). You can do any combo of longarms - get creative!  Share your variation with us through our Instagram or text to be featured.
Trick of the Month Video
Competitive Stream Weekend Hours
We have been given time changes by Genesis place for the upcoming season and are currently under further negotiations with them. Currently they are only offering us Saturday afternoons (between 1:30-5:30) and Sunday mornings/early afternoons (8:30-2:30). Wednesday training hours remain the same. Please know we are still working on tweaking the times to be slightly more favourable and talking to coaches to see what is best for everyone.  We want to be sure you are aware of this developing situation.  Stay tuned!
Outdoor Classes to End Season
With COVID restrictions being lifted and the relaunch strategy underway in our province, we have decided to take the last virtual classes and move them outside!  The girls need to see each other and this will be a better way to end this crazy season.  There are some strict guidelines that we need to adhere to in order to keep everyone safe.  Please read through our guidelines in the document linked here.
Graduate Spotlight - Abby Sensabaugh!
My baton journey started with a toy glitter baton I had as a young child. I would often see the girls twirling in the gym at Genesis and dragged my mom to Indigo to buy me a super cool real baton with pink ends. Eventually I signed up for one of the Go Girl days and had the opportunity to give baton a try. I immediately registered for an 8-week session and soon enough found myself in pre-competitive. I have had my ups and downs in this sport but ultimately I am happy that I stuck with it. Continue reading here.
ASHT Recital Goes Virtual...
Since we are unable to have an actual recital this year we have decided to have a virtual one. We are asking our twirlers to send in a video of ONE of their routines to be featured. We will also have a choreographed portion that we would like to have athletes video and send in. We will then compile a video of them all and host a watch party to view it together. Please click the link for details as well as the video tutorial for the finale.
Recital Info
ASHT Exec Update
Many of you know Shannon Mauro, until recently, was our ASHT chair and has been for the past three years. She has decided that 2019/20 would be her last term in this position. What many of you may not know is the countless hours Shannon has spent in these last three years trying to make the club what it is today. When Shannon first took over this role she was just like all the rest of us baton parents, all operating on a basic understanding of how this sport was run and organized. Through persistent questions to past board members, other baton parents and ABTA members, Shannon was able to take on her role as chair with the knowledge that she had support of the club. Over the years she was able to build on the existing foundation and start to spread some of the mountainous workload amongst various team leads and members. The assistance of everyone stepping up to do their part has helped Shannon find more time to explore ways to grow and improve the club. For this we are all extremely grateful that you have given so much of your time and helped to shape many of our positive baton experiences. We are also grateful that you have offered to stay on with ASHT as the registrar for one more year. Thank you once again for everything you have done and continue to do for all of us.

If you have any questions or concerns for the Executive please contact the current board chair Kandis Boyd here.
During the summer our twirlers can often be found in the gyms at Genesis place learning new choreography and practicing their skills.  We are unaware if this is going to be an option this summer due to the current circumstances. 
Some athletes/families have expressed interest in continuing weekly Wednesday virtual classes throughout the summer (time TBD).  This would be a split cost to only those who are interested.  Please email us if your athlete is interested in this for the summer and if we have enough to make it feasible we will move forward.  Please email us here by June 19th if you are interested.
Since our club is run solely with dedicated volunteers, we are always looking for families to volunteer their time throughout the season. Currently we are looking for volunteers in various areas for the upcoming year. Please click on the button below to sign up. If you have any questions about the positions please email us here.
I Can Help
Fun with Baton
At ASHT we like to have fun and get everyone involved!  Check out the video here of us teaching our families how to twirl.
Family Video
Did you know...
Miss Taelyr has been busy in quarantine learning from various other twirlers and coaches from around the world.  Click the button below for a link to a wealth of resources for twirling at home.
Virtual Resources
Important Dates and Events
  • June 2nd - 4:00p - 5:00p - Pre classes ZOOM meeting
  • June 3rd - 4:00p-5:00p - B athletes ZOOM meeting 
  • June 3rd - 7:00p - 8:00p - A athletes ZOOM meeting
  • June 9th - 7:00p - 8:00p - ZOOM fitness class for comp athletes with Sara Black
  • June 9th - 4:00p - 5:00p - Pre classes ZOOM meeting
  • June 10th - 4:00p-5:00p - B athletes ZOOM meeting
  • June 10th - 7:00p - 8:00p - A athletes ZOOM meeting 
  • June 16th - 4:00p - 5:00p - Pre classes ZOOM meeting
  • June 17th - 7:30p - 8:30p - Outdoor Comp stream training
  • June 19th - Virtual Recital videos due
  • June 23rd - 5:00p - 6:00p - Outdoor Pre classes training
  • June 24th - 7:30p - 8:30p - Outdoor Comp stream training
  • June 25th - 7:00pm - Virtual recital watch party
  • June 26th - Deadline for July newsletter submissions
  • June 28th - 2:00p - 4:00p - Tentative date for international team auditions (invitation only)
NEW International Event Dates (changes due to COVID-19):
  • World Championships August 2021
  • Nations Cup August 2022
  • Pan Pacific January 2023
Click here for the full tentative ASHT yearly calendar
for more dates to mark on your calendars!
Twirling Tip of the Month
To practice continuous elbow pops without the bruises – wrap up your baton with a tea towel. Make sure to create a circular pattern with your elbow and follow the revolution!
Our Governing Bodies (Regional, Provincial, and National)
Central Region Update
Our Central Region board has been meeting via ZOOM during quarantine and mostly trying their best to find out about the bingos and casinos and how that will proceed moving forward.  Please check out the link to their latest meeting minutes.
Central Region Meeting Minutes
ABTA Update
ABTA has a few important updates of things going on right now such as a cookbook and badge training.  Click below to link to their website for further information.
ABTA Website
CBTF Update
CBTF has started an athletes commission and has an athlete from every province represented.  Please follow them on IG as they have some fun initiatives (@cbtfathletes)
Also you can check out the CBTF website for information using the button below
CBTF Website
Flip Give
Don't forget to continue to make any online purchases through our FlipGive account.  We are still using this for fundraising purposes. 
Click here to get information on how to sign up - the ASHT code is on the bottom right of the second page.
If you know a team that could use this, let us know as we would both get extra fundraising $$$.
Fundraising Ideas???
We are always looking for good fundraising ideas as well as volunteers who can spearhead the initiative for the club.  Is it you?  Please contact us if you have any great ideas!
Do you want some ASHT merchandise?  We still have a few items left that are on SALE!  Please click on the button below for more information on pricing and who to contact for purchase.
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