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New Registration for Verified Owners
Why we need you to Verify yourself.
You may have previously subscribed to our new site or have found us for the first time but we're issuing this bulletin to everyone interested in getting out of Contract with Club La Costa.  We do this by providing a Free Contract Review with our Spanish Lawyers who will provide a no obligation review, on a Digital basis, working with us as the UK and International advocates specialising in Club La Costa, but also can assist other Timeshare owners as well.  We've been helping Club La Costa owners for 16 years with a dedicated Forums site and free Advertising on our Dedicated Holiday Rentals and Sales Website.
The owner of was a Director of Club La Costa as well as an owner for a combined period of 15 years, and has been fully engaged with all the Board and some staff of CLC during this time.  He has now resigned over 2 years ago to help owners, after making many attempts to pursuade the Managment to make changes in the best interests of owners themselves.
This bulletin is to inform you and help ensure you correctly fill in your details in our new Verification Page. This way we can ensure and control we know who Bona Fide Owners are as well and retain the ability to provide you with a Free Contract Review of your Purchase, by our Partnered International Lawyers.  We have experienced attempts to work with us from CLC, Scammers and "Ambulance Chasers" who just want to make a fast buck. This is because new legal rulings can mean most CLC Owners are able to get out of their contracts and take up one of three options we are able to offer owners, where they could have their monies refunded as well as their maintenance fees when their contracts are declared Null and Void.
Therefore If you currently wish to take advantage of this Contract Review, you will need to fill in the new Verification Registration Form which you will now find HERE.  Please note that if you are Registering to have a Free Review, then you MUST add the documentation evidence at the time of submitting your Verification. Part of that is the first page of your Purchase Contract that shows what you bought, who from, when and how much you paid for it.  So prepare the documents first, before submitting your Verification.  Be aware PDF file types are not uploadable at this Registration Page so please Use PNG's or JPG file types.  Otherwise we will just have to delete you and you will have to do it again.   Please note you'll need to prepare 3 sets of documents as jpg or png files before you submit your Verification Request. PDF's can be converted online for Free HERE.
Now you may not like to provide this information but as each case is separately and confidentially conducted without obligation after a review, it's important that we continue to work in confidence, and yet engage all Verified owners engaged in legal issues where we don't breach that confidentiality.  You will during the process and at your choice, be asked to sign confidentiality. That's a two way process and the reason is that we all need accountability with each other, because if anyone shares any of that information with someone outside the terms, you risk contravening the rule of law known as Sub Judice.  The Definition speaks for itself, and you may do it innocently, but the damage could affect hundreds of cases, particularly where we are engaged in Group Action.  So please don't engage with us, if you don't trust us, but our pedigree and background is second to none.  Who else ran forums for 16 years in this sector and was an owner and Member Directot?
Sub Judice : 
under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.
"the cases were still sub judice"
Our Forums Site is and will continue to be active, and is a separate registration process. Any verification and legal work anyone wants to undertake is being managed seperately, so there is no need to register at the Forums, although it does have a huge Knowledgebase over 15 years from owners themselves.   Members of the Forums are asked to remember that because CLC does fish on our sites, Elected Directors and Representatives are also on the forums.  It's important to protect everyone in this process which includes protecting those representatives and employees of CLC from also being in positions of conflict.
Once we know you are not from CLC when looking for a review, through correlating your details we'll gather some more documentation before putting you forward to our Lawyers for review.  We can then remain with you as an additional advocate on your behalf where you can also share anything else where you may want clarification.  Remember, we do not Cold Call people as there are plenty of other Scamming Companies out there doing that.  This is why we felt the need to intervene by creating this service, as many of you were continually asking for advice and needed a route to avoid scammers.
We are here to help you assess your contract and if there is an indentified potential, we'll be here to help you prepare that documentation.  We must stress that there is no obligation and we may also be able to offer you access to a roadshow in the Uk where there is demand.
We have had over 6000+ supporters in 16 years as we have always worked as an independent group of owners. This makes us the most Trusted Brand in any Club La Costa dealings, and now as well as other products as well.
If you do choose to proceed with us, we are pleased to inform you that there are 3 options on how you can cover costs, including a completely funded option.  We will inform you of this when your no obligation review is completed.
Thanks for reading this important bulletin which I hope you have found useful.
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We respect your privacy and are grateful you are supporting us.
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