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Summer 2019 newsletter
PE event in London
Calling all facilitators – our event in London is on Saturday 20th July and will be a great opportunity to hear more about Prepare-Enrich developments and the wider marriage and family world. We’ll be sharing our thoughts about initiating a regional tier, starting with London, and would love your input to make this effective in supporting your work in the city.
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PE services
We are continuing to expand the range of services we offer facilitators including coaching, modules for further development, and team building resources. So if you are a new or an established facilitator wanting to make more impact - please contact the office for further information.
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John Deagle, PE UK CEO
Online training
Over the years we’ve had a number of enquiries about training, but for one reason or another, timing, geography, etc. … the connection hasn’t been possible. We’ve been checking out online training and now have some packs for delivering this. If you have contacts that you think would benefit from the training but might find attending a course difficult, do let us know.
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Couple Checkup
This is a version of the inventory that directly links the couple and the Prepare-Enrich inventory. Although we firmly believe facilitated feedback is the best option, there are some couples that we’ll never reach this way. Maybe you know some of these couples and could introduce Prepare-Enrich to them in this form, perhaps even provide them with the option as a gift.
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Training Events
The training will cover all you need to get underway with couples and familiarise you with the programme and content of the materials.
The next training events are taking place in:
London - Friday 19th July
Birmingham -  Sunday 18th August
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One of my favourite books on family life is ‘What is Family’ by Edith Schaeffer. In it she has various chapters with titles such as ‘A Changing Life Mobile’ and ‘A Shelter in time of Storm’, and in these chapters she describes some of the wonders and purpose of the family unit. We all need a place of cohesion and resilience particularly at times which seem to be unsettling at local, national and nternational level. The work that we all do in strengthening couple relationships and the wider family is so valuable in this context and I wish you all continuing strength and vision in all the opportunities that present themselves.
John Deagle, PE UK CEO
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